Tuesday, September 2, 2008

hey sugars! :)

our apologies for the late update pumpkin-ians! we have been procrastinating due to the longgg holiday! we kept our stocks for more than 5 days now, so sorry for being a bunch of lazy bums! but they're up for grabs now, so enjoy and happy fasting to our Muslim customers! :DDD

to purchase, send us your contact numbers and the details of the item(s). remember, it's first come first serve basis so be quick!


toosome awesome



orangy brown-aloveee!
the zipper can be unzipped to make it more roomy

close up (true color)

silverish grey-aloveee too!tee hee

*true color*

close up

inside of the bag

we definitely can't say no to theseeeee!the dual tone colors are just uber awesomeee :D perfectly perfect for college,casual and anywhere!yes,handbags designed by the designer prada are beautiful, glamorous, and always in style.no doubt about it.we at pumpkin honestly,do not have sufficient fund to afford those luxury bags.lol.so we brought in the look of prada in a handbag, but without the high price.say yeay? :)

*roomy enough to fit a viao laptop*

*the long straps will be given*

100% superb quality p.u leather

measurement:13.5 x 12.5 inches


Monday, September 1, 2008

lip locked



brownie poony

the gorgeous straps! <3

mixture of brown and bronze

the detailing (true color)

inside of the bag

blacky wacky

mixture of black and bronze

the other compartment at the back of the bag

stunnnning is the right word for this bag!this is a sling bag which can miraculously transforms into a long handbag!a sling bag cum handbag looks hot on your shoulder right?solid looking with a brass lock.it's definitely the bag that you must have.definitely worth every penny! :)))

100% superb quality p.u leather

measurement:12.5 inches x 10.5 inches


grecians no koibito


black ninja
silverish grey

bow to this grecian inspired dress,sweeties!grecians no koibito means grecians' lover.this grecian beauty has japanese kimono feels.we absolutely loveeee this dress.don't you think the ruched waist part and the slouchy bottom add glamor to it?too glamor and outstanding?be not afraid coz it can definitely be worn with skinny jeans too!and you could still rock in it.like totally!lol you'll look absolutely stunning and elegant by just wearing this piece.wanna bet? ;)

65% cotton 35% spandex

fits uk6-uk12

measurement:33 inches


polky pinnie


white/pink dots
quirky bow,we loveeeee ;)
back view/self tie sash
black/white dots
shocking blue/white dots
yellow/cobalt blue dots

another polka dots dress this time,pumpkin-ians!say yeayy! :D but expect something majorly different from previous ones.this polka dots dress has quirky bows at the straps and it comes with an adjustable sash.all these do come with shocking colors,for those who want to spice up their style.the oh-so-cute dress can be worn for tea party,girl party so much more!find those cute heels or or pumps you've been stacking inside your wardrobe for god-knows-how-long and nail 'em with this dress!

100% thick cotton (slightly stretchable-awesome material!)

fits uk4-uk10

measurement:34 inches


tiery bow




the bow! <3

sexay black

electrifying blue

cotton candy

*transformed into a tube dress by just tuck in the straps!oh no worries,it won't look visible ;)*

tiered dress is definitely this season hottest dress!we kid you not!they're everywhere love!therefore we present you another gorgeous tier dress for our beloved pumpkin-ians :) pastel colors and silk material accentuate your curve and float you off the ground.its not just a party dress,toots.it can be worn as a top by just layering the tier part with a high waisted skirt and they won't look bulging.pretty awesome ya?teehee

*the straps are adjustable*

*this is not only a party dress,you can also wear it casually coz the material is not shiny*

100% hard cotton silk-superb quality (not the shiny type

fits uk4-big uk10


tux-ee-doe charm



the pleated 'tux'

frilly sleeves

electric blue

vibrant yellow

shocking pink


have you ever wondered how does it feel to be in a tuxedo?well,we do not have a tuxedo for you buttt we do have a tuxedo inspired flava with a twist.you can represent our tomboyish side without losing your feminine touch.bag this with a high waisted pants,skirts or skinnies.girls never look this good in ala boys top.yippeyy! <33

100% cotton (stretchable)

fits uk4-big uk10

measurement:26.5 inches


peter cutie


white/black stripes

true color

the bow!can be worn back/front.awesome ay? ;)

white/blue stripes.not much of a difference huh?

black/white stripes

presenting,peter pan collared dress with stripes prints and a bow! yeayyy!how do you get all in 1 dress?in pumpkin,anything is possible darls ;) this dressy top/dress can be worn whichever you like,either the bow is front part or the buttons.stripes print on the dress/long top softens the collared look.it just doesn't get any better than this! :D

100% cotton (slightly stretchable)

fits uk4-uk10

measurement:33 inches


shooting stars


candy pink/white stars

bow pockets! <3
frilly sleeves

back view

purple/white stars

black/baby pink and hot pink stars

cream/lilac and purple stars

lookie what we have here...bow pockets with stars?we bet you get star strucked,eh?multicolors stars top has never looked this cute.stars work wonders with anyone who are characteristically vibrant and chirpy.this top is ensembled with pleater at front and frilly sleeves.aren't you star strucked already? ;)

100% cotton (zipper at the side)

fits uk4-small uk10

measurement:28.5 inches




baby pink
earthy green
baby corn yellow
light grey
back view

omg omg another damask prints!damask prints are so in now and we sold our previous damask dress like hot cakes!but this time around,the prints are in sleeveless long top!even more casual or it's even suits for working peeps!good news right? :) and the prints are absolutely loveee,they sure look like a wallpaper ya?no?hehe not so scattered and very eye-catching.yes?it can be worn over a cardigan,skinnies,high waisted skirts,shorts and the list goes on.why wait darls?come and get one as they're limited! :D

100% cotton (the prints are well printed)

fits uk4-uk10

measurement:26.5 inches