Saturday, October 18, 2008

chunky yay


creamo whitey


dirty grey

tan brown

omg,this has got to be a big YAY for these waistbelts!purfectttt to be worn anywhere.yes?we loveee it oh so mucho! ;D

100% synthetic leather

fits uk4-uk12

measurement:20 (the elastic band part)


sloucy lacey



worn as a vest

back view

close up


close up

who would have thought lace compliment with cardigans?we usually have our eyes on lacey dresses, boleros etc.this cardigan is different from your ordinary's a lacey slouch cardi.fully designed with lace material so you can expect good quality in this.this is an one step ahead item!the lacey cardi gives the outcome of sweet,sophisticated and chic can pair this with anything.this definitely describes 'fun and functional' wear!

*this cardigan has assymetrical in length-longer at the front,shorter at the back*

100% soft lace (awesome material!)

one size fits all

measurement:29 inches


bold and wacky


pina colada

we fell in love with the gorgeous pleats! <3>

close up

back pleats

multi berry

close up

nope,the skirt does not turn turn you into a wacky weirdo but it turns you into a wacky fashionista.the outstanding prints on the skirt embraces your bold style.try to have a bold personal style once in a while.this is one piece you should never look's different type of high waisted skirt because of splashing prints that stands you avoid overdoing it,then just opt for a plain baby tee or light colored tops to go with the skirt.after all,less is more right? :) there are many tricks to pull this off.any look can go with the skirt! :D 100% high quality cotton (slightly stretchable)

size S: fits uk4-uk6(for those who are wearing jeans size 23-26)
upper waist(lying low)-13 inches
top to bottom-19 inches

size M: fits uk8-small uk12(for those who are wearing jeans size 27-30)
upper waist(lying low)-13.5 inches
top to bottom-20 inches


brainy bunch




close up

studs studded at every pocket

front button


studs studded at every pocket

close up

the fashion world has gone head over heels with punky peroxide style.thus,comes the preppy and punky looking checkered skinny.checkered prints are still soaring the fashion can say this skinny gives a lot of styles:preppy,punky rockstars,brainy bunch etc.whatever it may look like,the secret to pulling off this skinny is to wear them with can look awkwardly cool with a vest and a pair of can look preppy if you match it with a sweater vest and white plain shirts.bottom line is,every look you pull,you'll look amazingly stylish!

100% cotton (slightly stretchable)

size s (for those who are wearing jeans size 23-25)
top to bottom-35.5 inches

size m (for those who are wearing jeans size 26-29 )
top top bottom-37.5 inches


empire princess


electric blue

the pleats at the empire bustline

back view


the fairy godmother has definitely casted a spell on us!the bridal looking maxi looks ultimately like cinderella's gown.minus the puffy shoulders and big flowers,of course.this maxi is the perfect idea for those who opt for 'less is more' look.its simplicity creates 'more' look and without having to accessorize much,you'll get the outstanding beauty look.the material is smooth and's flowy at the bottom and gives a tall effect to petite ladies.alternatively,you can wear this with a chunky bangles and belt. :)

100% (flawless quality and very cooling)
*same material as greeceylicious maxi*

fits uk4-uk12

measurement:51 inches


batwing craze


baby blue


the gorgeous pleats at the waist area


back view
*the sash can be tied either at the front or back*

still in the 80's phase?you 80's babies will certainly appreciate this batwing sleeves,retro fever dress!the dress can also give you the 'avarage jane' look for you modest fashionistas.creating an easy look by pairing this with a bright neon pumps or wedges and an oversized handbag.if you dig the celebrity style,then opt for a chunky gold necklace and killer pumps to go with the dress.the dress also accentuates your curves with its sash tie which can be done into a bow,be it front or back.whichever style you choose,you're doomed to be in the spotlight! ;)

*we saw something very very similar in zara,of course at a whopping price!*
*can also be worn as an off shoulder*

100% lycra cotton-superb material and amazingly comfy too!-stretchable

fits uk4-uk12


blowin stripey



greenish blue
*true color*

side profile-gorgeous cape-ish neckline! :D

yellow submarine

true color

back view

ever encountered something that blows you away?well,this piece amazingly blows us away with its peculiar lines with florescent colors.what more unique is that it has a flowy butterfly would think that this is the end of its goodness,but wait till you see the top both sides!it comes with pockets!something,eh?this can be worn as a mini dress for those sexy fashionistas and a long top for the modest ones :)

*this piece can be also worn as an off shoulder*

100% soft nylon (net-ish material and comfy too)

fits uk4-big uk10

measurement:32 inches


dance fever


black/white satin trimmings

sunshine yellow/black satin trimmings

electric blue/white satin trimmings

we always seen nice celebrities wear nice toga dresses with stylish comes tv to reality!dance fever toga is just a perfect resemblance to those gorgeous toga dresses celebs dances you away with just a simple color with purrrrfect cutting!you can breath easy in this stunning toga dress.its material is very comfortable to wear and flowy.this piece is defnitely a jewel in the wouldn't want to lose it.this dress is definitely for your satc moment~ ;)

100% hard cotton (flawless material,we kid you not!)
*with zipper at the side and 2 front pockets*

fits uk4-uk10

measurement:34 inches


quacky toga


*don't you just love the cuffed waistline?it screams cuteness!*

*transformed into a tube top*

*you can actually hide the thin cotton at the side of the wont be visible,trust us :)*

*transformed into a tube top*

sour plum

tier bottom <3

ironical of fashion is you can turn anything into something.the toga top spells it out loud and clear that anything can be transformed with just a piece of cloth like this toga here.this piece visualizes your sexy side without revealing too shows your neckline and accentuates your can turn into toga top into ruffled tube top too!it gives you the curve you want coz it is ensembles with a cuffed waistline.toga is definitely fashion statue of the moment.

60% cotton 40% polyester -superb quality (slightly stretchable)

fits uk4- big uk10

measurement:28 inches


Monday, October 13, 2008

a love note from pumpkin <3

howdy pumpkin-ians! :)

we would like to inform our customers that our updates will be postponed due to our 'model' is down with high fever :(( we apologize for the inconvenience caused.butttttt we promise to update as soon as she's back on her feet again alright?take care and have a pleasant week! <333


p/s: the owly powly bag has arrived and we've shipped to those who have ordered.however,we have one extra owly powly bag in powly (black).for those who have missed out our pre order,do not miss on this!this is by far the best selling item!mail us to grab the one extra piece.toodles! :D