Monday, December 1, 2008

hellewwwww darlings! ;)

more and more goodies from pumpkin!woohoo! if you like what you see,do email us your contact details i.e: name,contact number and the item(s) you're interested in mmkay?feast your eyes,toots! <3333


maryjane plaid


close up (true color)

remember MJ from spiderman?the name's inspired by the red head bombshell as these shoes are flaming red as her hair color?these heels are definitely becoming your obsession.the heels are approximately 3.5 inches,so you're not teetering away,but you're up off to the ground.with a classic shape and beautiful triangle heels,these shoes are vintage inspired perfect.plaid is so right for fall and in rich and flaming colors like red and black,you can wear,use everyday :)

100 % high quality canvas (no worries,they're comfortable! :D)

*these babies are one size smaller than your usual ones,so if you wear a vincci size 4,make sure you take size 36(5) instead alright?*

sizes available-36(4),37(5),38(6),39(7),40(8)


quilty flap





close up (true color)

close up
the chains!
inside of the side pocket
(true color)
inside of the bag

ever since chanel brought back quilts to the fashion runway,everyone just can't enough of the's very classy and yet simple.this handbag is definitely for that style seekers!the differences of the quilted handbag are,the quilt part is only on the flapper and the braided chain is nicely placed on the front and the back of the bag.this soft, stylish bag can be worn as a shoulder bag with the braided strap,or carried as a clutch by hiding the straps inside the bag. This handbag features zippered closure, roomy interior and privacy pocket can stuff all your junkies inside in an instant!

100% soft synthetic leather (SUPERB quality)

measurement:10.5 x 9.5 inches


etro ethnic turning kraftie




true color (greyish brown)
close up on the print
back print
ruffle bottom

always wanted to find a perfect ethnic dress or blouse?look no further.we have the ultimate ethnic print dress for you.this dress is certainly not only versatile,they're extremely forgiving.the ethnic prints and easy-to-wear shape can be flattening for can go minimal with this dress by adding with a waist cincher and studded heels.the dress adds extra cuteness to you because of the frilly can appear chic with a knee length socks and a pair of vintage loafers.this material is very comfy and gives you the extra breeze to your,you've found the perfect ethnic dress for yourself!yeayy!

100% cotton (SUPERB quality with satin-ish nylon lining-zipper at the side)

fits uk4-uk10

measurement:36 inches


back to the future


dusty gold

true color
shimmery silver

ever wonder what's the future like?well,the future is definitely bright!you are the next generation of the future!so wear a futuristic cloth with the one we have this week!this stunning metallic of cowl neck/off shoulder tunic dress brights you up and lights up the's mixed with soft metallics,celestial cut and drappy appear electrifying,simply blend the dressy top with a pair of zipper leggings and studded may also wear the dres alone with an additional accessories to add the sensational look.this is the future you've always hoped for!

100% lurex material (stretchable)

fits uk4-small uk12

measurement:33 inches


romania goddess


awesome black

teal blue

mustard gold

the toga part.lovely aye?

back view

soft and floaty, flattering and seductive,that's how we put these roman inspired into our fashion 'vocab'.we've brought in quite a number of maxi dresses but not the long and one-sided goddess maxi ones.we've seen similar to these on the runways,be it in new york or milan.some people may say this is a tad too simple and plain,but we define them as elegant! and a studied simplicity. for a 'woah' look,a bejeweled belt or statement accessories are the only embellishments.these babies are just to die for! ;)

100% high quality jersey material (flawless quality and very cooling)

fits uk6-uk12

measurement:55 inches


full bloom



close up
close up
close up
layers of ruffles! <3>pearly buttons
adjustable waistline
ruffle at the bottom of the shorts!woot!
back view

flowers blooming in spring are exquisite.that's why we have flower print tops,dresses and bags and even shoes.they are the inspiration to these items.we can never get enough of flowers in spring.this is the piece that has the 'oh-my-god' effect.this jumpshorts is definitely a looking forward to-wear-item.the sweet look and perfect cutting for every size make you want to jump in to one of comes with frilly neckline that can be worn off shoulder,frilly bottom and an adjustable might just get lucky to have people coming at you and addressing you a 16 year old sweetheart!

100% superb quality cotton
(2 side pockets)

fits uk4-uk10

measurement:32 inches


needy kneaty


hot pink
purple (worn with a waistbelt)

slouchy v neck sweaters are in again!they were at the top of the pop during the 80's.this sweater is a modernized 80's sweater with its 3 stripes design,batwing sleeves and v neck.relive those 80's moments when you pull this with leg warmers and look juicy,throw in a pair colored are one fly retro chic it,you know you dig this! ;)

*can also be worn as mini dress for petites*

100% wool ish cotton (not that thick and stretchable)

fits uk4-uk12

measurement:32 inches


Sunday, November 30, 2008

flirty ballerina


off white
(we hope you notice the yummylicious sorry,we totally forgot to take a close pic of the pleats)

sour grape
teal blue (its darker upfront)
tutu lining for the 'poofy' effect! <333>we have always been a fan of ballerinas since forever!who doesn't?hehe to be honest,when we received this top, we were thinking what was so special about it?okay,the awesome pleats of course and that's it?butttt when we flip out the bottom of the top,it has a tutu net lining!so that explains why it's a wee bit poofy and 'special' lol its sooo ballerina inspired right? ;) major cuteness,yeayy!you can wear these babies with anything and anywhere without cracking your head of how to pull them off.just look it all the colors you can get!

*all accessories in the pictures are not included*

*the waist area contains a stretchable waistband*

100% jersey material-stretchable (with tutu net lining)

fits uk4-uk10

measurement:27 inches