Monday, December 29, 2008

aloha pumpkin-ians! :D

another round of new arrivals from us,just for you!say yeayyy! :D we hope you'll find something that catches your know the drill right?do leave your name,contact number and item(s) you're interested in okay? all items are in limited quantity(we're not sure whether some of the items are restockable or not).hence,we will give priority to those who are able to do fast those who wish to reserve and collect your items later,please make the payment upfront okay?til then,enjoy loves! ;)

love always,

Sunday, December 28, 2008

monetary studs




true color

side view

studs galore!! :DD

back zipper

dark brown

true color

move away gladiators!these shoes make monstrous impact on you!these impeccable babies are hot on the runways.jawdroppingly gorgeous and yet disastrously painful.on the contrary,these are absolutely comfortable to wear even with the hard material.these are the ultimate heavens for our dear feet.made of p.u leather which gives you the leather-like effect and studs attached everywhere!even studs are made into shoes!don't worry darls,your impetuous shopping behavior is forgiven if you nabbed these but to be honest,these shoes are not to be missed! <33>*these shoes won't bite your feet,they're amazingly comfyy* :DD

100% p.u leather (top notch material and neat finishing)

*the sizes are super similar to vincci's and nose's*

sizes available-35(4),36(5),37(6),38(7),39(8)


postage for these shoes are RM8

greeceylicious IV


new color: teal blue

new color: chilli red

dark grey

purple barney

we have lost count on how many times we brought this in!lol these maxi dresses caused quite a stir to us when we saw them.although its plain but we think they bring out the bohemian vibe.these bohemian dresses is a hot ticket to enter the world of fabulousity and for those who love the attention. and the great thing about these generously skirted floor-length styles is that they can be worn almost everywhere!movie outing,tea party,you name it!just pair them with your most comfy heels or sandals and you'll good to go!ohh ohh not to forget your braided/grecian/bejeweled headbands for your princess leia moment.hehe these pieces are a must have!wanna know why?the material screams ohh la la! :DD

100% SUPERB jersey material (flawless quality and very cooling)

fits uk4-uk12

measurement:51 inches


swan princess



pinky berry/off white
(not so shocking pink.appears a bit darker upfront)

black/hot pink



tutus and tiers combo! <333

back view
*one of a kind huh? :)*

adjustable neckline

if you are a fan of old-hollywood glam, then you will love this dress.the classic design features a sweetheart silky and tutu combo from upper waist-to-toe layers of silky soft fabric. it has 6 layers of tier tulle.smocked with silky sash.satin and net symbolize delicate and elegant person of you. it also reflects your innocence yet beautiful look.feels like glamorous when you put this dress you don't have to worry about being over the top coz this piece only makes us swooning with joy. ;DDD

100% hard satin and tutu net (superb quality)

fits uk4-small uk12

measurement:29 inches


heart and soul



maroon ish red

pearl white

*true color*

close up on the tiers

back view

do you have something that you can call heart and soul?if you are still having a hard time thinking which is the most 'heart and soul' to you,we'll help you on that.all hail the 'heart and soul' to every girl's cliche as it sounds,dresses are a girls no. 1 must have item!this is not your typical LBD,but this is the 'heart-me' dress that you destined to have.the dress has a layered design and thick's in magnificent color and smocked back so that the bust area can support and cling on to every size of bust.your eyes must be oozing with glitz now,don't they? ;))

100% thai silk material (not as thick as thai silk but its SUPERB quality and improved version of scarlet extravaganza)

fits uk4-small 12

measurement:29 inches


tortuous torrie



black/white trimming

dusty grey/pink trimming

can be worn 2 ways

tier ruffles
*true color*

flutter sleeves <33 style="color: rgb(255, 102, 0);">rm60

baby bib




denim blue

true color


close up on the 'bib'

'dumbo ear' sleeves :)

front pleats

back pleats

it's always best to maintain a down to earth and simple appearance or style because you confidently know that you wear something right without looking twice at any given mirror.simplicity does miracles and it can be a savior to your worst days.this top is just perfect for someone who seeks for simplicity.its color is humble enough to pair it with anything.the dumbo's ear sleeves are the hearts of this lovely tops.that's why we think it's best to be named baby.flabby arms can be covered/hidden with the dumbo sleeves.the bib part is ensembled with multiple pleats and cute round can wear it a vest and a pair of skinny jeans if you wish to look adult.or if you plan on keeping the baby style,then opt for a pair of hot pants or skirt and wear your hair with a floral's no suprises to us that you'll be left tongue-tied with the incessant compliments given to you ;D

100% cotton (superb quality)

fits uk4-small uk12

measurement:26 inches





light grey

shocking pink

loving the frilly bottom <33

puffy sleeves

awesome waistline

dokidoki is when your heart is beating fastly or abruptly when you see someone or something you like/adore.thus,we are n 'dokidoki' when our eyes land on this cute and towel-ly's sparkling and screams 'wear-me',if you land your eyes on this hoodie top.not only it's comfortable to wear since its material is towel/velvet but its also looks young and chic because at the bottom part of the top is designed with frilly ruffles.girls and frilly things are inseparable,that's why we label it as 'great chemistry'.this is a piece where you can play safe with.from denim skirt to hot pants to leggings,everything just looks good with this can still keep your girlie attitude,even if you put this on! ;)

100% cotton (towel/velvet ish material-no worries,the material is very comfortable :))

fits uk4-uk10

measurement:25.5 inches