Friday, August 29, 2008

hellew pumpkin-ians! ;)

we hope you love our 'bangeline' glads as much as we do.however,due to its limited quantity,we prioritize those who can manage to make the payment asap.therefore,when placing you order,pleasee pleasee pleaseee confirm your order by leaving your name and contact number.if you fail to do so,we will have to move to the next possible sorry love!

ohh we just wanna share a good news to our fellow pumpkin-ians that we have been featured in the latest issue of FEMALE!yippeyyyyyyy!kudos to joy for giving us the opportunity for us to widen our horizon.anddd not to forget,our fellow pumpkin-ians who have been supporting us.we love loveeee you long time!woohoo! <33


Thursday, August 28, 2008



front view

true color

zipper at the back.easy peasy ya? ;)

yeszaaa glads are back and they're still fighting!hehe but we're actually not sure to categorize this awesome shoes as a gladiator or what?buttt we're sure that it belongs in the glads 'family' ya?but this one is extra awesome coz it doesn't look like the usual gladiators huh?yeap we've been hunting hard for extra bombastic glads and here you go!feast your eyes,toots! ;) we absolutely love this pair and we even got ourselves one each!we kid you not!lol why is it bangeline?coz the top/ankle part of the glads are like layers of thin bangles or so we think.looks mighty awesome with white shirt dress, bangles and a large slouchy bag.
ohh, and a fake tan usually looks pretty good too!can't really pull that outfit off?fret not darlings,just put on your high waisted shorts, plain colour top, and an interesting scarf for your adyness deyn moment.either way,you'll look badaboom!! :D

made from p.u leather with a zipper at the back

*the sizes are super similar to vincci's and nose's*
amazingly comfy and soft too! :D

sizes available-35(4),36(5),37(6),38(7),39(8)


Monday, August 25, 2008

hey sweets!thanks for still viewing pumpkin,we try our best to feed your fashion needs and as you can see,we've new updates for you! yay!but this time around,it is a small one as we received a lot of requests from our consumers to bring in stuff in small quantity, not in bulk like we always do.since the majority of pumpkin-ians complain that they always become so generous after seeing our collections (aww thanks loves!) so yes, enjoy this mini update!happy shopping girls!

p/s:we'd like to apologize regarding the quality of these posts' photos due to the fact that the shooting wasnt done by our regular photographer (she's busy with school at the moment,wish her luck!and bad lighting since it was raining (couldn't waste anymore time to update and share our new collections with you darls!).some of the items look wayyy better upfront,we kid you not! ;))

to purchase,do email us at leave your name and contact number when placing the order(s) alright?easy peasy ay?happy shopping love! :D

xoxo, pumpkins

down under



true color
the lil' fan! <333>the back 'bumper'

true color

pumpkin welcomes you to the pleasurable world of down under!this time we you entering sea in a submarine!heee the deeper you dive in, the more beautiful the corals are!hehe you can never expect a handbag can be in a form of a submarine!those chain straps are our admiration of this quirky bag.combination of solid colors and material give you this cute,quirky and a must have tote you can enjoy diving as much as we do! ;)

*the colors are a mixture of red,deep plum,metallic grey and black.they look so so much better upfront,we promise :)*

100% p.u leather with thick cotton lining

measurement:15 x 10 inches








omg,this has got to be a big YAY for these waistbelts!purfectttt to be worn anywhere.yes?we loveee it oh so mucho! ;D

100% synthetic leather

fits uk4-uk12

measurement:17.5 inches (the elastic band part)


lacey stacy


mysterious black

close up

pure white

close up


close up

first glimpse of the bolero makes us feel like we live up to classical english style.this has got to be one of our favorite's!we just can't stand the lace as it's neatly sewn and it gives an expensive look and so vintage inspired!perfect for a nite out and casual or even wedding ceremonies!just slip it on your dresses and tops.and voila,it gives a whole classy look.doesn't every girl wants to look classy? :)

*these pictures don't do justice to the boleros :(( they look sooooo much prettier upfront!*

100% net lace

fits uk4-big uk10


honey pot



rosey posy

bumble bee

we fell in love instantly with these skirts!oh c'mon darls,how can you not loveeee them!normally,you will see straight cut high waisted skirts but this time around,you'll see swingy pleats on a flare high waisted skirts!something different,right?anddd to top it all,the dual tone colors at the bottom of the skirts are simply gorgeous!aloveeeee! ;) these skirts will just make you feel high because of those swingy pleats.looking somewhat preppy is definitely not a crime,darls!these pleats will make you look innocent but cheeky.they are very playful looking.we spotted michelle trachtenberg wearing something similar only with big shot designer of course.if you crave to be stylish and 'pop out of the crowd',then opt for the 'rosy posy'.you sure will look swingly 'poppin',darls!

100% superb thick cotton with lining (slightly stretchable)

size S: fits uk4-small uk6(for those who are wearing jeans size 23-25)
top to bottom-21 inches,upper waist(lying low)-13 inches

size M: fits bigger uk6-big uk10(for those who are wearing jeans size 26-29)
top to bottom-22 inches,upper waist(lying low)-14 inches


hi ho II


black (true color)
ohhh we love the pleats! <3>lesser pleats at the back the skirt
earth green
true color

woopppss!its the high waisted again!what did we tell you about high waisted skirts?never fade away with seasons. :D this time around miss hi ho 2 proudly appears with more pleated version of high waisted skirts.the skirt is 50s inspired with its 'a' line cutting and pleated on the front.oh wait!it has pleats at the back but it's lesser than the front ;) it looks so chic and stylish at the same not fret if you have can always pair it with waist cinchers to add a double buckle effect to your waist!one other thing that you must know,this cutie skirt can result you to a ladylike look that emphasizes your curve!plusss,they're high waistedyeayyy! ;)

100% superb cotton (slightly stretchable)

size S: fits uk4-uk6(for those who are wearing jeans size 23-26)
top to bottom-19 inches,upper waist(lying low)-12.5 inches

size M: fits uk8-small uk12(for those who are wearing jeans size 27-30)
top to bottom-20 inches,upper waist(lying low)-13.5 inches


itsy heartsy


back view

layer it if it's too sexy smaxyy

heart shaped buttons! :D

watch this jumpshorts rocks the house!this jumpshorts takes on a whole new meaning to us.why is that?it's a halter-style jumpshorts,that's why!it also comes with rows of heart shaped buttons so you gorgeous flaunter out there can rock this jumpshorts!.for the flaunt-while-you-can babes,you can just swoop in this jumpshorts and lose the tube top.and yeap,this is the one for yaaa! you'll look flaunt-ly sexayyyyy!no doubt about's amazing that this piece can make you look edgy yet girlish when styling it with a big belt/waist cincher.night outs,sexy date,beachwear,you name it toots!anddd like oh muh god,we can never say no to missy polka!lol

100% cotton (stretchable)

fits uk4-uk10

measurement:33 inches


tiny dots



white/red dots
close up
white/black dots
close up
black/white dots
close up

yea yea the oversized shirt craze is not over yet here at fact,moreeee to come!hehe we brought in plain and quirky prints before so now we present tiny dots speshly for our fellow pumpkin-ians! :D tiny dots are perfect for those who are tired of the 'big' dots and for those who love to play it safe with colours. besides pairing up with everything you see in the pictures above,try making it look girlie,by mixing the shirt with chunky long necklace and a pair of high waisted pants.we promise you,it can never go wrong! ;)

*the sleeves are foldable and adjustable*

100% cotton

fits uk4-uk10

measurement:28 inches