Thursday, August 28, 2008



front view

true color

zipper at the back.easy peasy ya? ;)

yeszaaa glads are back and they're still fighting!hehe but we're actually not sure to categorize this awesome shoes as a gladiator or what?buttt we're sure that it belongs in the glads 'family' ya?but this one is extra awesome coz it doesn't look like the usual gladiators huh?yeap we've been hunting hard for extra bombastic glads and here you go!feast your eyes,toots! ;) we absolutely love this pair and we even got ourselves one each!we kid you not!lol why is it bangeline?coz the top/ankle part of the glads are like layers of thin bangles or so we think.looks mighty awesome with white shirt dress, bangles and a large slouchy bag.
ohh, and a fake tan usually looks pretty good too!can't really pull that outfit off?fret not darlings,just put on your high waisted shorts, plain colour top, and an interesting scarf for your adyness deyn moment.either way,you'll look badaboom!! :D

made from p.u leather with a zipper at the back

*the sizes are super similar to vincci's and nose's*
amazingly comfy and soft too! :D

sizes available-35(4),36(5),37(6),38(7),39(8)