Monday, August 25, 2008

itsy heartsy


back view

layer it if it's too sexy smaxyy

heart shaped buttons! :D

watch this jumpshorts rocks the house!this jumpshorts takes on a whole new meaning to us.why is that?it's a halter-style jumpshorts,that's why!it also comes with rows of heart shaped buttons so you gorgeous flaunter out there can rock this jumpshorts!.for the flaunt-while-you-can babes,you can just swoop in this jumpshorts and lose the tube top.and yeap,this is the one for yaaa! you'll look flaunt-ly sexayyyyy!no doubt about's amazing that this piece can make you look edgy yet girlish when styling it with a big belt/waist cincher.night outs,sexy date,beachwear,you name it toots!anddd like oh muh god,we can never say no to missy polka!lol

100% cotton (stretchable)

fits uk4-uk10

measurement:33 inches