Friday, April 17, 2009


aloha cuppycakes! :D

this is just an update for those who have missed our flareboyant jumpsuit previously.woohoo! :D

you know the drill right?do leave your
name,contact number,color and size you're interested in okay? we only have limited pieces for this (we're not sure whether some of the items are restockable or not).hence,we will give priority to those who are able to do fast those who wish to reserve and collect your items later,please make the payment upfront okay?til then,enjoy loves! ;)

love always,

blue black denim

transformed into a pair of jeans!awesome possum! ;D

black blue denim

the halter part is LOVE!

just a clip away! lol

adjustable neckline

back view

another round of jumpsuit from us,pumpkin! :)) there's something about this jumpsuit that we can't say no to.firstly,this jumpsuit has the purrfect cut of all jumpsuit!lol andddd this time around not jumpsuit with drop crotch pants but it's halter and straight cut!definitely one of a kind right? so elegant that you’ll be checking yourself out at every given mirror! hot black and dark blue denim made from high quality denim material.they are so versatile and super easy to wear it can be styled in many ways and suit many occasions. add a belt through the middle and voila what a look! dress to impress and be the only one rocking it. perfect for styling all year die for!to die for!

*only blue denim is available*

100% high quality hard denim (FLAWLESS QUALITY)

size S: fits uk4-small uk8 (for those who are wearing jeans size 23-26)
waist part (lying low)-14 inches
top to bottom-51 inches (including the halter part)

size M: fits big uk8-small uk12 (for those who are wearing jeans size 27-30)
waist part (lying low)- 15 inches
top to bottom-52 inches (including the halter part)


Sunday, April 12, 2009

aloha sweetums
! ;)

these are our new arrivals,we hope all of you will find something that you may usual,all items are made with TOP NOTCH MATERIAL and we hope that you lovelies will love this collection as much as we do ;) we know some of the items are wee bit pricey and we're really sorry about that :( but the material is very very GOOD and we think they're soooo worth it.however,due to its limited quantity(most of the items are not restockable),we prioritize those who can manage to make the payment asap.therefore,when placing you order,pleasee pleaseee confirm your order okay?

on another note,be sure to include your name,desired item(s) and contact number when placing an order.feast your eyes loves!


build me up





royal blue

side pocket


row of big buttons
*true color*

stiff shoulder and the pleat

loveee the semi oversized blazer collar

we absolutely loveee this piece.strong shoulder is making its way on the runway now.simplicity is always the safest way to dress or style.a basic shirt may look boring and plain.but you'll never know how they turn out to be.elegant,stylish,chic,hi-end look, just to name a this piece,it's sure to rock your body.emulate the style of blake lively who perfectly looked gorgeous in a menswear-inspired rag&bone tunic.SUPERB!with the right accessories and bottoms,you'll look amazing.fascinating as it sounds,sharp pleated sleeves and a perfect can tuck the shirt and buckle it up with a gives you a 'rugged' look.less is,indeed more,right? ;)for the next brunch-date with or without a 'gossip girl' hunk-add a pair of 'barely there' flats to a simple cotton shift just-rolled-out-of-bed appeal.simple and gorgeous ya? :D

*this minidress/shirt can be worn as oversized blazer,shirt dress and greatt for layering!we totally recommend this ;)*

100% thai silk (FLAWLESS material!)

fits uk4-uk12

measurement:32 inches


wobbly wobble


black/silver layer
close up
black/mustard gold layer
bronze-ish brown/cream layer
close up
full soft satin lining!
back view

trends come and go but we’ve noted that celebs are dedicated to wearing waistcoats.
one might even say that they have a 'vested' interest in this piece of apparel.having a day where you would just like to dash out of the house and play in the sun without having to think what to wear to make you look stunning?then this 'wobbly wobble' is definitely your savior!you can wear it casually with quirky tees and shorts to look cheeky,shirts and pants for your working day,you name it huns!orrrr emulate Kate Moss style by wearing this kinda vest (buttoned-up, with nothing underneath, quite sexy) with super short shorts and a pair of wellies, you can really throw one on with almost anything. awesome possom ya?this waiscoat/vest will certainly make you pop! *wink*

100% hard silk with fully satin lining (FLAWLESS MATERIAL!)

fits uk4-uk12

measurement:23 inches