Monday, August 18, 2008

hellewwwww darlings! ;)

more and more goodies from pumpkin!woohoo!please refer from mercy garden is back to checkalicious entry for the latest goodies ya because some of the latest posts are on the second page.whoopsss!teehee ;)

ohhhh if you like what you see,do email us your contact details i.e: name,contact number and the item(s) you're interested in mmkay?feast your eyes,toots! <3333


mercy garden is back!


remember mercy garden,loves?we brought in not too long ago and they're not restockable.buttttt we received a good news recently and managed to grab the last 5 pieces of these babies!

Unfortunately,4 sold and only 1 available.So hurryyyyyyyy as they're not restockable after this! ;)))


pink rainbow

back view

close up

romantic, flowing, gorgeous dress that will make you want to run barefoot in the garden!the dress comes with ribbon tie,bareback cutting and self tie bow at the waist line.this one definitely screams gorgeous!the ever-so-gorgeous asymmetrical hemline that moves and swirls your body like a graceful dancer!this dress can be worn at every occasion eg,perfect dress for family get-togethers.whether a full-blown reunion or just the yearly backyard BBQ, this "garden" cum vintage inspired maxi dress is fitted and mildly formal without being who would want to show their soon to be in laws a bad impression,eh?oh,this flowy maxi dress can be worn to a wedding ceremony and don't be surprised if you get as many looks as the bride does.this is a true must-have for summer and many seasons to come!go get them,girls!

100% thick cotton (superb quality)

fits uk4-uk12

measurement:39 inches excluding the halter part

rm55 -STEAL!

Sunday, August 17, 2008



pink floss with purple and hot pink stripes (with the sash tied)
without the sash
*can also be worn as an off shoulder*
smackin' turquoise with dark brown and bronzy brown stripes (without the sash)

oh myyyyy,isn't this the prettiest dress everrrr?!or so we think lol.we're pretty certain that most of you,pumpkin-ians already have instantly slimming black staples in your wardrobe,so now is the time to 'invest' in something that isn't basic.we at pumpkin,definitely recommend this glamorama dress would be the best investment this season! ;)to look extremely gorgeous in this, wear it with accessories such as gold sandals and embellished earrings and bracelets complete the look.we swear,you'll be the envy of every girls! :DDD

*each dress will be given a satin sash that can be used as a headband or waistband,your choice :)*
pink floss-purple sash
smackin' turquoise-brown sash

100% soft silk satin (flawless material!)

fits uk6-uk12 (zipper at the side)

35 inches


loud & siren



silverish white *lovin the ruffles oh so much! <33*> black
*the color is much stronger and darker upfront*

let the world knows that you're loud and dramatically siren by making a statement in this toga'll definitely be heard with the siren and not subtle colors.and omg toga with ruffles make such purfectttt combo,don't cha think?hee the material lets you waltz at the dance floor.we dare to state that this toga dress is the evolution of all togas! ;)

fits uk4-small uk10

measurement:33 inches


denim rider


skinny jeans just not skinny enough for you? get the look you desire with this desire denim leggings from us,pumpkin! now, before y'all go pointing out that hey, they're just like REALLY skinny jeans, and ain't nothing wrong with that, let us just point out two very important points:the cutting and color.the color is one of a kind and omg we're soooo in love with the cutting.its tighter that a skinny jeans!have you experienced your skinny jeans get lose after few washes before?we hate it when that happens! toots,we've got the solution for the problem,so come and get one! :D plus,it's starting,huns. the "leggings-worn-without-any kind-of crotch-covering" trend is starting. ;)

*the color is actually dark denim blue,almost black.we have no idea why it turned out black :(*

100% SUPERB quality cotton (stretchable)

fits uk4-uk12

measurement:35 inches


stripey pockets


black with white stripes

white with black stripes

still woo-ing over long cardis?well,pumpkin brings you this season most enduring know it,don't you?it's been awhile since we last stock up on long cardis ay?this long cardi is timeless.opt this granny-looking style and improvise with your own edgy style.some great ways to get the most out of this awesome cardigan.firstly,pair with jeans and a tee, flats and a hot bag for a casual cool look.secondly,layer it over an equally long belted tee and tights.and lastly,you can look dressy with it by going for an upscale look and pair it with pearls and a basic black dress for your next fab event.long cardis are definitely blast from the past.ohhhh have you seen super super similar to the one in topshop,yes? ;)))

100% cotton (stretchable)

fits uk4-uk12

measurement:31 inches


to dye for


sea coral
sexayy shcmaxayyy! ;)
aqua blue

the title really suits this maxi ya?!oh my,the tie dye effect is to die for indeed!and yes,the fever of wearing maxi dress is not over yet!plus this season's maxi is likely to prove your new best it in any styles;halter necks,bare backs,strapless,floral,ethnic,bohemian,they never fail us right?!haha we're not sure about you dearest,but we absolutely everything about this maxi.from its cut,smoked bust area,the material arghhh everything!for those who are tired of strapless,spaghetti straps maxi dresses,this is the right one for ya!for extra height, dresses can be accessorized with patent platforms, wedges or feminine toe-covered sling backs.set-off these dresses with long, chunky jewellery and this season's oversized shades and bags.not that difficult to pull it off huh?to die for! ;)

*the chest area is lined*

95% viscose 5% spandex

fits uk6-uk12

measurement:48 inches (excluding the straps)


basic instinct


pinky floss

earthy green

choco brown

flawless white

awesome black

*news flash* never underestimate what simple tanks can'll be surprised what they're capable of,they'll do wonders speshly tanks with supa cute ruffles!pair them with waistcoats,skinnies,fedoras,gauchos,high waisted and whatnot,they'll never fail to glam you up!hence,do not waste any minute to grab 'em! ohhhh
if you're an avid shopper,you would've realized that this tank is super similar to topshop's!grab yours at a very bargain price! ;)

100% cotton

fits uk4-big uk10

measurement:24 inches


perk me up


electric blue/white dots

cat ears! :D

shocking pink/white dots

transformed into a knee length skirt

white/black dots

black/white dots

perk me up presenting dots with cats ears! :D the cleavage line has an apparent cat's ears' top up the cuteness of this dress,it's decorated massively with polka dots.this perky dress comes with a bucklelicious belt.the belt will accentuate more of your waist line.all those unwanted flabbies can go away!lol.this dress comes in 4 perky colors and they certainly will perky you up! ;D

*this tube dress can be transformed into a knee length skirt by just folding the tube part without even looking weird/funny ;)*

*the belt is included and detachable*

100% cotton (smoked back and stretchable)

fits uk4-uk10

measurement:28 inches


waist T


the back view awesome 'T' lined! <3> greyish brown
camel brown

having a day where you would just like to dash out of the house and play in the sun without having to think what to wear to make you look stunning?then this 'waist T' is definitely your savior!you can wear it casually with quirky tees and shorts to look cheeky,shirts and pants for your working day,you name it huns!ohhh this is just not your ordinary piece as the 'T' line at the back view makes it look awesome possom ya?this waiscoat/vest will certainly make you pop! *wink*

*the back of the waistcoat/vest is adjustable*

100% hard cotton (good quality)

fits uk4-uk12




close up (true color)
orangy red (true color)
back view (smoked)
purplish green
close up (true color)

'fashion experts' at pumpkin,lol claim that the retro look of the fifties is back this season.'bateek' also has its retro vibe that's enough to blow us away.haha.this dress is romantic - cinched waists,spaghetti straps, and figure flattering skirt with a resurgence of smocking.this 'bateek' dress is super fun! easy to wear, delicious for the hot summer days.yes,it's summer everyday here in malaysia right?lol.although the colors are not loud,but we're loving it!they're very earthy!and we went crazy when we looked at the prints!it's purrrrfect for people that don't like bright yelling colors for summer.yeayy! :D

100% cotton *zipper at the side*

*the straps are adjustable*

fits uk4-uk12

measurement:36 inches


swingin' plaid


strawberry shortcake
yammy yellow

you can never go wrong in this bright chirpy plaid top.we loveee the spirit of the's so vibrant,swinging and impressive!to get the figure flattering look,you can wear it with a waistbelt.if you feel like covering your legs,you can either pair this with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings.this dress is so chirpy to look at and we definitely love the empire cut of the dress,simple stunning!walk proudly in this dress,sugars! :D

*we're sorry that we totally forgot to take a picture on the close up at the bust area,it actually has gorgeous crochets sewn neatly at both sides*

*the straps are adjustable*

100% cotton

fits uk4-uk10

measurement:35 inches




old blue rock

greyish black


the sleeves can be folded (true color)
buttons at the side of the shirt that can be transformed...
into this!unique ay? ;)
brown coffee

first it was polka dots,then stripes and now checked time!picking our favorite wasn’t easy, but we couldn’t justify not making this 'checkalicious' as our top pick. not only it is a gorgeous buy, its versatile to boot- dress up, dress down, this top will do you this shirt is not just an ordinary shirt because the buttons at the side of the shirt can be unbutton to be tied give a cheekier can pair it with almost anything.skinny and flip flops for your lazy days,pair it with high waisted pants or skirts on your dressed up days.anything sugars! ;DD

100% cotton

fits uk4-uk10

measurement:25 inches