Sunday, August 17, 2008



old blue rock

greyish black


the sleeves can be folded (true color)
buttons at the side of the shirt that can be transformed...
into this!unique ay? ;)
brown coffee

first it was polka dots,then stripes and now checked time!picking our favorite wasn’t easy, but we couldn’t justify not making this 'checkalicious' as our top pick. not only it is a gorgeous buy, its versatile to boot- dress up, dress down, this top will do you this shirt is not just an ordinary shirt because the buttons at the side of the shirt can be unbutton to be tied give a cheekier can pair it with almost anything.skinny and flip flops for your lazy days,pair it with high waisted pants or skirts on your dressed up days.anything sugars! ;DD

100% cotton

fits uk4-uk10

measurement:25 inches