Sunday, August 17, 2008



close up (true color)
orangy red (true color)
back view (smoked)
purplish green
close up (true color)

'fashion experts' at pumpkin,lol claim that the retro look of the fifties is back this season.'bateek' also has its retro vibe that's enough to blow us away.haha.this dress is romantic - cinched waists,spaghetti straps, and figure flattering skirt with a resurgence of smocking.this 'bateek' dress is super fun! easy to wear, delicious for the hot summer days.yes,it's summer everyday here in malaysia right?lol.although the colors are not loud,but we're loving it!they're very earthy!and we went crazy when we looked at the prints!it's purrrrfect for people that don't like bright yelling colors for summer.yeayy! :D

100% cotton *zipper at the side*

*the straps are adjustable*

fits uk4-uk12

measurement:36 inches