Saturday, February 6, 2010

wild ride



full moon

casual ;)

close up. notice the studs all around the wolf? ;)
*true color*

yellow moon

true color

back view

fierce cheetah

true color

full wolf

studs all over the print!

folded sleeves

a tight fitting clothes are not your style?or maybe tired of dresses?let's loosen up!this christopher kane's inspired prints tee comes to the rescue!plus,tee is definitely 'in' whenever and evergreen!after all,animal prints are a must have and such a hit now right?it has so many ways in wearing it with shorts,bodycon skirts or your most comfortable jeans-they all blend in nicely with this to die for printed tee! :)

*sleeves can be unfolded too*

*front print is same as the back print*

100% thick cotton ( very stretchable and HIGH quality)

fits uk4-uk12

measurement: 29 inches


Sunday, January 31, 2010

hey hey pumpkian-ians! ;)

we're happy to announce that we have updated! just a super mini update today.usual rules apply,we prioritize those who can manage to make the payment immediate/asap.therefore,when placing you order,pleasee pleasee pleaseee confirm your order by leaving your details,the item(s) you're interested and contact number.if you fail to do so,we will have to move to the next possible sorry love!we hope you understand.kisses.

p/s: cod is temporarily not available due to work commitments. hence postage is the only way for now. so sorry for the inconvenience caused ;(