Saturday, December 5, 2009

howdy pumpkin-ians! :)

we would like to inform our customers that our update will be on:

day: Sunday
date: 13th December 2009
time: 8p.m

hear from you soon lovelies! ;))


Monday, November 30, 2009

inglorious lacy and x factor-taking orders!

hey darlings!

calling all inglorious lacy and x factor lovers,we have a very good news for you!they were not restockable a few days back but they are now!they made such a GREAT hit,we kid you not!very worth pieces ;)

you know the drill,we will need advanced payment to ensure that no back out will be made by possible buyers.taking orders start now (november 30,2009) and ends until the we reach our available slots (which are very limited given by our suppliers).with each order,buyers NEED to include their name, contact number,color and address to avoid miscommunication. :D

very important note:

the garments will only arrive approx in 2-3 weeks time after we've placed our orders,if you can't wait that long,please do not confirm your order ya.But all we can say is,these pieces are definitely worth waiting for,love! ;))

slots are extremely limited!priority will be given to those who will able to commit and pay why waste time, browse around and grab whatever item you like - before someone grabs them first!

love always,

best sellers-taking orders!



true color

worn casually :)

puffy sleeves with shoulder pad

close up

long exposed zipper

all hail laces!shine our clothes with your magical look. laces always work wonders to clothes. the top that we have here are in full lace with long exposed zipper at the back. it looks adorably sweet and stylish at the front view and absolutely edgy at the back part with long exposed zipper is made exclusively for those fabulous fashionistas and it's topshop inspired! <3>

100% soft lace (stretchable)

fits uk4-big uk10

measurement: 25.5 inches



front view

electric blue

hot pink


in a flirty state of mind from the morning until night, this gorgeous piece is inspired by lurveeee.they are designer inspired of course,and at the same time feminine, flirty,sexy, and omg, insanely gorgeous!!the front design is very simple and cross back are brilliant!bootiful!!! :D have we mentioned that these designs are so in now?! tres chic in hot pink,we think. :) butttt electric blue and white are irresistible too ay?! perfect for a night out.if you love classy and posh without screaming loud,this is the right dress for ya darls!*swoon* ;))

100% lycra cotton (stretchable)

fits uk4-small uk12

measurement: 30.5 inches


Sunday, November 29, 2009

olaaaa pumpkian-ians! ;)

we're happy to announce that we have updated!just a mini update and extremely limited quantity tho.usual rules apply,we prioritize those who can manage to make the payment immediate/asap.therefore,when placing you order,pleasee pleasee pleaseee confirm your order by leaving your details,the item(s) you're interested and contact number.if you fail to do so,we will have to move to the next possible sorry love!we hope you understand.kisses. <3

important note : we just wanna make it clear that we have never sent email updates to our customers.we understand that those who have subscribed to our mailing updates via feedburner,will receive emails saying we've updated one or even two days later!we would like to apologize for that coz feedburner is just a system and we can't control it.just a heads up,we normally update pumpkin EVERY sunday at 8pm.(unless stated otherwise) do swing by if you're free okay? :)