Saturday, June 5, 2010

dump in satchel




picture of alexa chung rocking this awesome mulberry's bag ;)

black python
*worn as sling bag*
close up
orangy tan
*worn as sling bag*
*true color*
'clip on' clasp
braided handle
front flap
long strap is detachable
long strap is adjustable too :)
inside of the bag

we just can't get enough of handbags can we?lol.speshly when it's an oversized bag.this time we present you 'buck-it'!what's interesting about this bag is,the straps can be detached so that you can wear it as handheld. whichever suits your liking. it's like a briefcase bag that you can totally throw all your junks in it. including your laptop! ;)) anddd briefcase/ messenger bag seems to rock our socks recently!we just can't get enough of em.heee carry all your essentials in this classic luxury bag now! ;DD

*the strap is detachable*

*long straps will be given and adjustable*

100% MIX LEATHER (FLAWLESS material!)

measurement:14 x 11 inches


romantic beady



purplish grey

true color

candy purple

true color (slightly darker upfront)


true color

isn't she a beauty? ;)

beads are neatly sewn :))

close up

back view

first it was mini skirts then knee length dress and this season's maxi is likely to prove your new best it in any styles;halter necks,bare backs,strapless,floral,ethnic,bohemian,they never fail us right?!haha we're not sure about you dearest,but we absolutely can't deny that the neck part is umm ummm sizzling hottt!it's definitely one of a kind.for those who are tired of strapless,halter necks maxi dresses,this is the right one for ya!for extra height, dresses can be accessorized with patent platforms, wedges or feminine toe-covered sling backs.set-off these dresses with long, chunky jewellery and this season's oversized shades and bags.not that difficult to pull it off huh? ;)

100% lycra cotton (super comfy!)

fits uk6-uk12
*able to fit uk4 as well, you just need to alter the length*

measurement:57 inches


tapered kingdom




khaki green

true color

stunning! ;)

tres chic, we must add!


weeee!another tapered roll up pants but this time they come in an exciting different color version.there is something for everyone and anyone can make a style statement by wearing the right tapered pants. and we at pumpkin,recommend that the pants would be the 'tapered union'!heee we fell in love with the color and design instantly!it is this versatility of the tapered pants which makes it an eternal favorite.what makes this pants pops,it can be transformed into a long pants too. ohhh snappp!pstttt we heard rumors that the tapered trend is here to stay!so why wait love? ;))))

*so sorry but we totally forgotten to take pics of the details- side pockets and back view :( but no worries, this pants has similar design as the previous tapered pants - side pockets, back pocket, pleats etc*

100% stiff cotton (very minimal suede ish feel and slightly stretchable)

size S:fits uk4-uk6 (for waist 24-26)

top waist-14 inches
(laid flat)
top to bottom-37.5 inches

size M:fits uk8-uk10 (for waist 27-28)

top waist-14.5 inches (laid flat)
top to bottom-38.5 inches

size L : fits uk12 (waist 29-30)
top waist - 15 inches
top top bottom - 39 inches


dramatic drapes



charcoal grey

true color

angel white

true color

totally dig the drapes part ;)

side pocket

zipper at the back

darls,tell us they're pwettyyyy?coz we think they're gorgeous!the uniqueness simply blown us away in an instant!we're pretty certain that you'll all the attention when you walk down the street with this jumpshorts on.revive your wardrobe with this unique piece. fashion forward and utterly irresistible, the drapes part is a brilliant mix of pattern and color.yes? ;D

100% thick lycra cotton (very stretchable)

fits uk4-uk12

measurement:23.5j inches


beadsy stripy



dusty grey/ivory stripes

to die for! :D

true color

fully beaded neckline ;)

slightly batwing

close up

black/white stripes

true color

close up

don't 'top' the issue.....the summer crop top hit the mark!you pumpkin-ians will love these laid back,casual crop top.we're practically jumping when we first saw this awesome goodie.with the one of a kind neckline,we are sure they are a knockouts!this time around,this top gives you a youthful,casual and chic look edgy comfort to approach,of course!don't you think so?we definitely do! ;DDD

100% lycra cotton (very stretchable)

fits uk4-uk12

measurement: 20 inches


Monday, May 31, 2010

military band- taking orders!

aloha sweetums! :)

due to overwhelming response on this piece, we decided to beg our supplier to bring in more! calling all military band lovers,we have a veryyyyyy good news for you!they made such a GREAT hit same and we decided to bring 'em in again!minimalist but there's a wow factor. totally must have, we may add ;)

as usual,we will need advanced payment to ensure that no back out will be made by possible buyers.pre-order starts today (may 31st,2010) and ends until we reach the quota (please note that we have limited slots).with each order,buyers NEED to include their name, contact number, color, and address to avoid miscommunication. :D

VERY important note:the stocks will only arrive in three or four weeks time (date to be confirmed later).hope you lovelies can wait because good things always come to those who wait. heee anddd slots are limited and we advice you to pay asap to secure the slots ;)) heee so shop awayyy!

love always,



true color

closer look

army green

true color

front view

back view

fish tail ;DD

military buttons ;)

front pocket

when we look at this military inspired blazer,kate moss popped into our mind right away.for those who have seen her,you'll know why. ;) now that's a perfect military blazer we want!this is when this baby comes into place.this is the closest one to kate moss's and we absolutely loving it :D you wanna why?firstly,it is in amazing colors-black and army green,you can pair these colors with almost anything!secondly,it shows off your edginess and fearless !lol.yeap it is casual chic and go with a plethora of tops and of course,it's sassy too!we hope that's enough reason for you to attempt to wear this functional apparel.oh have we mentioned that anything military is in now? ;)))

100% thick denim ish cotton (SUPERB quality)

fits uk4-uk10

measurement:20.5 inches