Wednesday, August 19, 2009

your rose highness-taking orders!

calling all pumpkin-ians!

remember your rose highness dress?it has been such a massive pick among thirsty fashionistas!and now,we are enthralled to inform you lovies that we are taking orders for the dress,so don't waste your time and contact us now to place your order before its too late!

you know the drill,we will need advanced payment to ensure that no back out will be made by possible buyers.we will start taking orders now (august 19,2009) and ends on friday afternoon (august 21,2009),which means,all the payment must be made by friday morning before 1130 am.with each order,buyers NEED to include their name, contact number,color and address to avoid misscommunication. :D

important note:we will be collecting the stocks on friday evening.and extremely limited slots available,hence whoever can make fast payment,will be given the priority.hope you lovelies understand its limited and all we can say,these toga babies are definitely worth it! ;DD



close up

english ivory

true color

layer it with a skirt! ;)

close up

sweet pea

the top part.sweettttt! <3

back view

imagine yourself in the most exquisite dress with perfect cutting and you'll be pleasing them through beauty and perfection. not only is the dress is exquisite but the flowers print on the dress is certainly exquisite. it is the perfect choice for a tea party or casual outings. sweet looking floral enhances the sweetie pie in you. the most important part of the dress has got to be the toga design ensembles with bed of roses. if you want to make it a top, then tuck the dress in with a pair of jeans or skirt. at the end of the day, everyone near you will have toothaches teehee.

100% cotton with lining

fits uk4-uk10

measurement: 32 inches


Sunday, August 16, 2009

hey ho pumpkin-ians! :D

another round of new arrivals from us,just for you!say yeayyy! :D we hope you'll find something that catches your know the drill right?do leave your name,contact number and item(s) you're interested in okay?

as usual,all items are in limited quantity and totally not restockable.hence,we will give priority to those who are able to do fast/immediate transaction.and no reservations allowed ya.til then,enjoy loves! ;)

love always,