Saturday, July 16, 2011

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hear ye hear ye
pumpkin-ians ,

we have added new items to our collection, yay! alas, everything is limited. so why waste time, browse around and grab whatever you like - before someone grabs them first! anyway, due to the limitation of the items and most of them are not restockable, priority will be given to those who will be able to commit and make IMMEDIATE/FAST transaction. hope you loves understand. nevertheless, happy shopping sweets! ;)

ohh if you like what you see, do email us your contact details : name, address, phone number and the item (s) youre interested in okie dokie? ;) or

p/s : we can no longer do COD, hence postage is the only way, so sorry for the trouble!


scoopy doo



navy blue

true color

full swing bottom :D

dark choco

true color

bloody orange

true color

very princessy like, no?

fully pleated bottom

side pocket

back view

A maxi dress is an absolute must! dress it up or dress it down. Twist it over or twist it around. This maxi dress in 3 wonderful colours is made from a stretchy fabric that is super comfy and with an adjustable waist that you could pull as a ribbon. This maxi dress is created with a whole new crop of them. No matter how small or big you claim yourself to be, this maxi won’t disappoint your figure. In fact, it gives you the curve you should be flaunting! The scoop neck makes your collar bone apparent and sexy. Mid cap sleeves with accentuating waistline and scoop neck in one maxi dress definitely a must? What more could you ask for!

*postage for this dress is rm7 due to its weight*

100% heavyweight thick lycra cotton (comfy to the core and very stretchable)

fits uk6-uk12

measurement:54 inches


hypnotizing blair



marigold nude/black

true color (a bit darker upfront)

the cutting is totally to die for!


true color

greenish brown/black


look at the cutting ; superb!

true color

dual lining lapel

front pocket

'hook' button

back view

full lining

Don't you just love Gossip Girl and the wardrobe? The wardrobe is a heaven of wonderful clothes! One of them being this preppy girl blazer which can pass off as a Blair. The soft and silky material comes with colors that just got your mood lightened up. You can pull this blazer casually or even for your office attire. We assure you that it is almost impossible to get a decent and perfect blazer that fits your figure or have the right cutting for just about any event or outing. So this is like a dream come true for you ladies. As catchy as the name sounds, it is a hypnotizing piece that just grasps your eyes to hold on to it. Instead of just peeking through the pictures, why not get one for yourself? ;)

100% thick stiff cotton with lining - not shiny upfront (awesome material!)

fits uk4-uk12

measurement:28 inches


hybrid theory




jet black

true color

cherry red

true color

insanely gorgeous!

ruched waist ;)

very stretchable

back view

Back then, palazzo pants were a super roomy hybrid of bell bottoms and wide leg pants and were extremely comfy. This trend gets a redux this season! In a weird twist of fashion, it seems the industry’s obsession with maxi skirts has brought back the palazzo. We can see that celebrities are hitting the Hollywood scene with these pants. These looks show that palazzo pants can be both sophisticated and whimsy. The stretchy material is made for walking carefree-ly. You’ll love the delicate jersey material and stretchable waistline that gives every size fit into these pants. Short? Fat? No way! The flowy structure and deep color won’t make you look like you are in your mum’s pants. So, are you ready and willing to break out the palazzo pants again?

*ruched at both sides for maximum stretch*

100% heavyweight thick jersey (FLAWLESS material and very stretchable)

fits uk6-uk14!

measurement : 38.5 inches


audrey pearly




very elegant

true color

very pale grey

super love the design! :D

true color

navy blue

true color

pearls are SEWN ;)

side pocket and pleats

back view

Jewellery is getting more and more sophisticated-looking - and we like it! The set of pearl in a form of a bib which finished the look of this jumpsuit is an utter classy! Imagine Audrey Hepburn meets Sarah Jessica Parker. Languid slight ruffles ensemble the bodice of a chic chiffon jumpsuit is complemented by skinny, fluid legs. The soft material makes you feel windy even if you are heating by the scorching sun. It flows accordingly and goes well with every figure and body size. Who would have thought those days when you thought pearls were frumpy looking and could pass off as grandmas can look exceptionally exquisite these days? Whether you choose to toughen it up with distressed heels or neon pumps or if you're the sweet-as-sugar type who wears it with her best Sunday outfit, this jumpsuit will steal the show.

100% thick tailored cotton (very similar to zara's tailored goods and slightly stretchable)

fits uk4-uk10

measurement: 49 inches