Monday, January 21, 2008

pumpkin accessorries

patchwork waist belt.

definitely one of a kind belt.

we've seen a few boutiques that are selling belts similar to the ones we're selling,only with higher prices.we kid you not :)

3 colors available: ALL SOLD
shimmery gold, shimmery silver and black.

size: s/m.

measurement: 26.5 inches excluding the metal parts.


chunky chunks.

unique rare design.very solid.

size 16 (2.2 inches diameter)

rose quartz with gold rhodium


chain goddess.

mother of pearl with gold rhodium


charm me please.

decorated with stones including rose quartz and crystal together with gold rhodium,simply stunning to wear!



hoola hoops.

mother of pearl with gold rhodium.


P/S: we know the accessories are a bit pricey but we guarantee you the quality.and trust us,the stones don't come cheap and they are very solid.we don't sell 'cikai' goods.haha :)

pumpkin exclusive


orange reddish

back view

canadian leaves with gold threads (true color)

LOVE.LOVE.LOVEEEEE this!!!i swear it looks soooo much better upfront.exclusive vintage piece from the material,the cut,the color and eveything else,PERFECTO!ohhh please imagine it with an opaque stockings and t-bar heels,will ya? ;) i even got this one for myself!it comes with a gold belt.yes,the belt is detachable.this piece will definitely cost you a bomb at why pay more?

measurement: 34.5 inches

100% cotton(very good cotton)

fits UK6-UK8


skull kingdom


it's them skulls again!!skulls not necessarily represent hardcore or punk.but looking at this,it's a major cuteness!can be also worn as long cardie.don't you just love this cute hoodie?you can't get this 2 in 1 outfit with our price elsewhere.So grab one now! :)

100% cotton

fits UK6-small UK10


Sunday, January 20, 2008

flower power


mustard pie

stormy grey

are you worried of wearing clothes that have massive and full prints on them?no worries pumpkins,these pieces are just one of a kind!you can either tone them down with an earth colored belt or wear it alone.this dress can be worn in 2 different ways as a dress (shown in the pictures) or a long top.the material is stretchable, you can actually wear it as an off shoulder.simply marvelous!

measurement: 31.5 inches

100% cotton

FREE SIZE(fits UK6-UK12)

RM45 and selling the belt for RM20 (SOLD)

rosy and polky


who says polka dots is dead?we are sooo going to prove them wrong!these pieces are meant for you if you have the idea in your frame of mind to pull the "classic" look.despite the vintage looking prints,the sleeves are simply unique and groovy to be stared at.why try fitting in when you have the outfit that makes you stand out of the crowd?

measurement: 38 inches

100 cotton (with nylon lining inside)

fits UK6-UK10.

RM 55

satin craze



back view



ahoy satin lovers!have you ever wondered what to wear to dinner,party or outing with the loved ones?don't fret just yet!we bring you these cute dresses with cute names that we have given ourselves!these cuties are easy to wear, smooth and cooling.the pleated at the bottom of the skirt is uber chick!not forgetting the neckline will definitely enhance your beautiful cleavage!brownie represents class,bubblegum represents cuteness and chillie represents elegance.voila!

measurement: 37.5 inches

silky satin

fits UK6-small UK10


bold and beautiful


with turtleneck(the turtleneck top is not included)

dare to be bold?just look at the block of colors!gorgeous,isn't it?block colors are so 'in' this season.for a miraculously sophisticated look,pair it with a turtleneck or just wear it loose.the top can be worn off shoulder also.andddd the rara hemline just makes it perfect! :D

measurement: 32 inches(including the rara hemline)

fits UK6-UK10.

100% cotton(stretchable)