Monday, January 21, 2008

pumpkin accessorries

patchwork waist belt.

definitely one of a kind belt.

we've seen a few boutiques that are selling belts similar to the ones we're selling,only with higher prices.we kid you not :)

3 colors available: ALL SOLD
shimmery gold, shimmery silver and black.

size: s/m.

measurement: 26.5 inches excluding the metal parts.


chunky chunks.

unique rare design.very solid.

size 16 (2.2 inches diameter)

rose quartz with gold rhodium


chain goddess.

mother of pearl with gold rhodium


charm me please.

decorated with stones including rose quartz and crystal together with gold rhodium,simply stunning to wear!



hoola hoops.

mother of pearl with gold rhodium.


P/S: we know the accessories are a bit pricey but we guarantee you the quality.and trust us,the stones don't come cheap and they are very solid.we don't sell 'cikai' goods.haha :)