Saturday, December 10, 2011

polka jump



pink/navy blue dots

true color

sleeves can be folded

sash is included

close up

navy blue/blush pink dots

true color

pegleg cutting :D

close up

long sleeves

side pocket

pleats at the shoulder

spring 2011 sees a major fashion trend in the form of the jumpsuit or playsuit.from what we heard and read,the latest trend in jumpsuit world has risen at the printed one.that's just awesome because we bring you this fabulous pegleg cutting jumpsuit that's so much runway inspired! ;)) we absolutely this piece because of its simplicity but screams wow!the high waist band and peg-top carrot shaping means what was lost at the ankle has been taken care of above waist lol if you're tired of flare shapping or harem jumpsuits,this is your best piece to get out from your comfort zone!heeee

*side zipper*

100% thick silk (quality guaranteed & cooling material)

fits uk4-uk10

measurement:51.5 inches






champagne gold

true color

perfect shade of champagne gold! ;))

back view

dark silver

true color

slightly batwing sleeves

asymmetrical hemline

back view

space yourself to the world of futurism.don't get stuck in the past.the time is right for slick and glossy metallic tops.after all,we are futu-ring ourselves into the millennium era!this glossy,thick material top gives you a whole new look in emerging into the future.if you are afraid that this top will outdo you,then tone down with a simple high waisted jeans and a pair of sneakers.this top turns out to be the exact piece on runway with a cheaper price.even people from the past would dream to be in the future! :D

*this top is not that shiny upfront, would still look good during daytime ;)*

*to be worn loose*

100% thick viscose (flawless material and amazingly comfy!)

fits uk4-uk12

measurement:28.5 inches


leopard dissimilar





forest green

true color

love the flow of the blouse

navy blue

true color

burnt orange

true color

fully pleated at the front

front pleats

leopard print at the collar

the sleeve

soft and floaty, flattering and seductive,that's how we put this pleated blouse into our fashion 'vocab'.we've brought in quite a number of chiffon tops but not pleated and dissimilar collar one.we've seen similar to this on fashion spreads. some people may say this is a tad too simple and plain,but we define them as elegant! and a studied simplicity. for a 'woah' look,a bejeweled belt or statement accessories are the only embellishments.these babies are just to die for! ;)

100% soft crepe chiffon (slightly stretchable and quality GUARANTEED)

fits uk4- small uk12

measurement:28 inches


Sunday, December 4, 2011

new arrivals reference

kindly refer to jailbreak , scallop polka , slanted drama , ruched rainbow , pleaty leggy and structured gala - special remake! for this week's new arrivals.

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aloha sweetums! ;)

we're back and happy to announce that we have updated! :D
anyway, due to the limitation of the items (all items are not restockable), priority will be given to those who will be able to commit and make IMMEDIATE/FAST TRANSACTION. no reservations are allowed this time ya. hope you loves understand. nevertheless, happy shopping sweets! ;)

p/s : we can no longer do COD at the moment, hence postage is the only way, so sorry for the trouble!