Saturday, March 13, 2010

twist princess





true color


true color

tranformed to toga!

purple barney

true color

teal blue

true color

gorgeous halter! ;))

back view

fully lining :)

long and flowy-this season maxi dresses are attracting widespread interest and stepping back into the sartorial what we have today;dual function-twisty halter and toga! ;) some people may say toga is so last season! (heck, even reputable magazines are still featuring toga tops/dresses and we believe is from the late sixties: specifically marilyn monroe on wearing her toga dress with her signature rosy cheeks and chilli red lips), we've noticed that the stylish set is trying the trend anew. fashion front runners like kate moss and mim kardashian are working togas into their wardrobes, combining it with oversized buckle belt and killer pumps.the results of their efforts are remarkably current and completely chic—just like what we're looking for!

100% jersey (flawless quality! and very stretchable)

fits uk6-uk14
*fits uk4 as well,but the length needs to be altered :)*

measurement:57 inches (including the halter part)


tapered mania


3.1 phillip lim inspired


pic credits to

charcoal grey


gorgeous innit? ;)

side pocket

front pleats

back pleats

while many of us have vowed not to slip a leg back into a tapered pant, it seems that the look is starting to come back and take over the fashion world as we know it. trends come and go, but the tapered pant is back in and ready to be worn for work or for play! you can pair this with a white or any color simple top. to look great, you can match it with a pussy bow blouse and a big beach hat!very bohemian! you can get your groove on and be different!

*extra button will be given upon purchase*

100% thick and soft polyester (superb material)

size S: fits uk4-uk6 perfectly (waist 24-26)
measurement - top waist : 14 inches
length : 35 inches

size M: fits uk6 - small uk10 (waist 27-28)
measurement : top waist : 15 inches
length : 36 inches

size L : fits big uk10 (waist 29)
measurement: top waist : 16 inches
length : 47.5 inches


dual dissimilar



charcoal grey

true color

notice the dual color? ;)

with lining

power shoulder

front button

front pockets

charcoal grey over black :)


true color

unique collar! :D

black over charcoal grey

once again,this blazer is specially dedicated for those who have missed one of our best sellers-structured improved version we may add.this time around,it comes with full satin lining,shoulder pad intact,longer sleeves and superb fitting!to own a designer item with a little money in your hand is impossible,no?why not opt for something which is oddly similar to designer pieces?you can still look good with designer inspired pieces.this sharp shoulder blazer is making sum jawdropping moments.the blazer is designed with one of a kind collar cutting and a slight slope at the shoulder part.anddd not to forget the collar area is dual-colored too ;)) and that makes it super!the fitting and design make you look sexy and sophisticated.put on a pair of hot pumps to go with this blazer.they say,good things come in small,you have one :)

100% thick cotton with full soft satin lining (awesome material!)

fits uk4-uk12

measurement:26 inches


take a bow



red velvet/caramel bow

true color

black/caramel bow

true color

close up

blue cheese/caramel bow

close up (true color)

back view

romantic, flowing, gorgeous dress that will make you want to run barefoot in the garden!the dress comes with v neck front and back,babydoll cutting,bow and polka dots prints and puffy sleeves.this one definitely screams gorgeous!the ever-so-gorgeous velvet dress that moves and swirls your body like a graceful dancer!this dress can be worn at every occasion eg,perfect dress for family get-togethers.whether a full-blown reunion or just the yearly backyard BBQ, this babydoll dress is fitted and mildly formal without being trashy.don't be surprised if you get as many looks of envy.this is a true must-have for summer and many seasons to come!go get them,girls!
100% thick velvet (very stretchable)

fits uk4-uk12

31.5 inches


Monday, March 8, 2010

ola darlings! :D

another round of new arrivals from us!woot! :D we hope you'll find something that catches your know the drill right?do leave your name,contact number and item(s) you're interested in okay?

usual rules apply,all items are in extremely limited quantity.hence,we will give priority to those who are able to do fast/immediate transaction.til then,enjoy loves! ;)

p/s: cod is temporarily not available due to work commitments. hence postage is the only way for now. so sorry for the inconvenience caused ;(