Sunday, April 19, 2009

hey hey pumpkin-ians! ;)

here's our mini update of new arrivals from us!woohoo!as usual,all items are made with TOP NOTCH MATERIAL and we hope that you lovelies will love this collection as much as we do ;) we are aware that the items are wee bit pricey and we're really sorry about that :( but the material is very very very GOOD and we think they're soooo worth the price.we swear :) however,due to its limited quantity(some of the items are not restockable),we prioritize those who can manage to make the payment asap.therefore,when placing you order,pleasee pleaseee confirm your order okay?

on another note,be sure to include your name,item(s) and contact number when placing an order.feast your eyes loves!

p/s:oohhhh flareboyant jumpsuit is still available in last 2 pieces! :)





unique huh? ;)

back view

the buckle is adjustable

have you ever wondered how does it feel to be in a tuxedo?well,we do not have a tuxedo for you buttt we do have a tuxedo inspired belt with a can represent our tomboyish side without losing your feminine touch.pair this with a high waisted pants,skinnies or over an oversized shirt.girls never look this good in ala tuxedo belt.yippeyy! <33

100% thick and hard cotton (suede ish material)

size S: fits uk4-uk6 (for waist 24-26)
measurement:13 inches

size M:uk8-uk10 (for waist 27-29)
measurement:14 inches


shiny siren


paige denim inspired
pic credits to :

ohhh lovely!

front view

back pockets

ohhhhh this one is definitely a keeper! <3>pumpkin, for wayyy less!you can opt for a white long sleeveless/tee for a chic and relax look.and also with an oversized shirt and a killer heels for an edgy's not hard to pull it off right?so why wait huns,grab this must have skinny pants now! ;)

*low waist*

100% HIGH quality pvc leather (slightly stretchable)

size S:fits uk4-uk6(for waist 23-25)
measurement:35.5 inches (top to bottom)

size M:fits uk8-uk10(for waist 26-29)
measurement:36.5 (top to bottom)


yanky doodle



very dark blue denim

true color
*denim sash is included upon purchase*


loveee the cut for this jumpsuit!speshly the 'exposed' bust and row of buttons

side pocket and belt holder

the strap is adjustable

back view

back pockets

black denim
ohhhhh can be transformed into a high waisted pants?that's just AWESOME!

true color

remember how catchy this song was when we were little?that was the time when we thought yankee song was a hit and top of the pop's song.we still think the yankee song has an apparent effect on us that's why we love this denim jumper so much!it's a yanking and spanking jumper and a must have for this season!with denim material and high waisted design,this is to die can pair this with anything and still look fantabulous!alright ladies,play that yankee song again! ;)

*denim sash is included upon purchase*

*please note that the colors are very similar*

*this jumpsuit is super similar design and cut to the one selling in pull and bear and zara*

*you won't look fat or frumpy in this jumpsuit coz the material is very figure flattering*

100% thick and hard quality denim (FLAWLESS material (you can tell by just looking at the piccies ;)) and slightly stretchable)

size S:fits uk4-uk8(for waist 24-27)
measurement:55.5 inches

size M:fits uk10-uk12 (for waist 28-30)
measurement:56.5 inches


sack-see lady


dark grey ish brown
*true color*

greyish blue

absolutely love the quirky-ness of the sleeve! :D

zipper all the way! <3

side pocket
*true color*

oversized dress/long top does not only make you look laid back but effortlessly stylish!you don't have to try really hard to be stylish but just one touch of magic and you're done!this is what the oversized sack-looking dress/long top does for works miracle.from looking like a chic to adorably hot.any shoes will do with this oversized dressy dress/long top.and the hard material will make you look firm.this is what we call sack-see!

100% high quality linen (FLAWLESS material)

fits uk4-uk12

measurement:34 inches


chuppa chup




silver armor

true color

can be worn as a top and the bottom part won't look visible at all.
*dual function garment alert!wheeee <33* style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; width: 214px; height: 320px;" src="" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5326374441899698386" border="0">solid tiers! ;))

gorgeous hi neck! :D

side pocket and stretchable waistline

back view

a jumper can make a person look adorably cute and also sophisticatedly sweet.either look can always make you stand out.yhis short jumper falls in sophisticatedly sweet look because the ruffles effect on the top and the glazing color make you look extremely extraordinary.if you still wanna pull off a cutie image,then pair it wait a pair of sneakers.if you think your more on the sweet side,then your best with strappy heels.the question is,how do you want yourself to look?the best right?that's why you should 'jump' yourself into this!

*extra button and satin sash are included upon purchase*

100% HIGH quality satin (FLAWLESS material and very cooling-the material is similar to our previous vest-wobbly wobble)

fits uk4-small uk12

measurement:33.5 inches (the length can be adjusted according to your height as the waistline is adjustable)