Sunday, April 19, 2009

shiny siren


paige denim inspired
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ohhh lovely!

front view

back pockets

ohhhhh this one is definitely a keeper! <3>pumpkin, for wayyy less!you can opt for a white long sleeveless/tee for a chic and relax look.and also with an oversized shirt and a killer heels for an edgy's not hard to pull it off right?so why wait huns,grab this must have skinny pants now! ;)

*low waist*

100% HIGH quality pvc leather (slightly stretchable)

size S:fits uk4-uk6(for waist 23-25)
measurement:35.5 inches (top to bottom)

size M:fits uk8-uk10(for waist 26-29)
measurement:36.5 (top to bottom)