Monday, October 27, 2008

heylowwww toots! :D

we're back with more goodies!say yeayy!

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p/s:happy deepavali and have a great holiday! <3


fringe mania



hand tote
can be worn as shoulder bag
transformed into a sling bag *true color*
the detailing
back of the bag
inside of the bag

you personally may dislike fringed bag but we ABSOLUTELY loveee it! A-listers and hollywood’s most popular starlets are obsessed with 'fringemania' bag. it all began with the prada fringe bag which became an ‘it’ bag of 2007 and continued to conquer the celebs’ world in fact,it has manipulate into pumpkin's world too!lol this handbag is edgy and definitely true to MK’s wardrobe. it looks wickedly cool with a pair of patent leather shoes, flannel shirt, black leggings or with skinny creative confidently mix high fashion pieces with vintage and cheaper finds - the trademark of a true fashionista. ;)

100% p.u leather (soft and superb quality)

measurement:13 x 12.5 inches





yellow patent

black patent

hear ye!hear ye!for those who have missed our previous jewel encrusted belt-jawdropper,fret not huns!we have 'jelly bean' statement belt as a replacement,just for you! :D spice up a plain and dull outfit with this gorgeous piece.we absolutely love the patent and quirky buckle combo.not to mention,perfect fit and the stones are nicely placed too!so pumpkin-ians,make a statement with this! *wink*

fits uk4-uk12

measurement:28 inches





gold-ish silver ish

pleats at the back too! <3>close up

metallic sour plum

to die for!
*true color*

close up

space yourself to the world of futurism.don't get stuck in the past.the time is right for slick and glossy metallic tops.after all,we are futu-ring ourselves into the millennium era!this glossy,thick material top gives you a whole new look in emerging into the future.if you are afraid that this top will outdo you,then tone down with a simple high waisted jeans and a pair of sneakers.this top turns out to be the exact piece on runway with a cheaper price.even people from the past would dream to be in the future! :D

*this top is not that glossy,it's more of metallic-ish type*

100% leather-ish cotton (flawless material and amazingly comfy!)

fits uk4-small uk12

measurement:27 inches


highly adorned



*the belt is included upon purchase*

the upper waist and pleats

back view


you can actually wear a skinny belt instead of the wide ones! ;)

if you want to liberate yourself from the tight squeeze of skinny jeans,then wear a high waisted seems that everywhere we go everyone has at least a pair of high waisted pants with wide leg.if you're into bohemian look,then cuff yourself in this high waisted wide leg pants and a flowing tunic with tons of jewelery/accessories.for an 'almost famous' effect,you can call this pants as a dude-inspired design as well.because it has the drop-crotch cutting and boy cut pants.this can also be this season's style of flirtation.wear a slim fit button down with suspenders for a fashion hookup. you can also look girlie girl if you pair this up with a tube top and a scarf.however style you plan to put on,you know that this pair of pants comes in handy! :D

*this tailored high waisted pants is super similar design and cut to the one selling in topshop/zara/mossimo dutti*

*you won't look fat or frumpy in this pants coz the material flows nicely*

100% high quality wool (flawless and cooling material)

size S:fits uk6-uk8 perfectly (for waist 25-27)
top waist-13 inches
top to bottom-42.5 inches

size M:fits uk10-uk12 perfectly (for waist 28-30)
top waist-14 inches
top to bottom-43 inches


Sunday, October 26, 2008

preppish wonder



black/electric blue trimmings

black/red trimmings

white/black trimmings

semi puffy sleeve!

faux gold nautical buttons

the badge! :D

the pocket is actually functional.hee

nylon satin lining

we bet you pumpkin-ians must be missing the good old school's days,right? you can relive those blissful moments by wearing one of our preppy 'school' jackets/ yourself with this piece by throwing it with a pair of skirt and ad high stockings.don't forget the timeless sneakers!these combination scream 'funky,chic school girls' from afar!those ten years are still lingering even if you're wrinkling hehe not only that,you can also opt for skinny jeans and a white long sleeveless/tee for a chic and relax look.and also with checkered leggings or skinnies and a killer heels for an edgy's not hard to pull it off right?so why wait huns,grab this must have preppy blazer now! ;)

100% thick and hard cotton with satin lining (slightly stretchable and made from top notch cotton)

fits uk4-uk10

measurement:22 inches


debbie harry



sleeves when folded

we indulge in our love for t shirts.simple,cute and colorful define this tee.yeap,it's oversized again and the most important thing is,it's definitely fashionably,amazingly,peculiar because this tee has a huge debbie harry of blondie face print isn't it cool to be wearing a tattoo-ed faced on your body? ;D worry that it'll look weird on you?be not afraid as we are giving some tips on how to wear this awesome tee!on your low profile day,pair it with dark/colorful skinnies and tag your fedora along to spice up the whole look.if you're feeling a wee bit stylo or cheerful,wear it with colorful shorts and jazz it up with skinny or big-o belt.oh sneakers,glads or flip flops works on this tee.sweetttttt!

100% cotton (slightly stretchable)

fits uk4-uk12

measurement:30 inches


miss skully



upper part folded
*true color*

close up

skulls not necessarily represent hardcore or punk.but looking at this,it's a major cuteness!can be also worn as long cardie.we absolutely love this slouchy drop waist dress coz it's something different.
yeap,we admit that we're kinda tired of wearing snug outfit hence,loosy poosy is awesome once in while!haha looks really good by wearing just like that,or with skinnies you shy shy fashionistas perhaps?and the best part is you can transform it into a la rara skirt by just folding in the tube part and trust us,they won't look visible!either way,we loveeee,certainly! :D you can't get this 2 in 1 outfit with our price elsewhere.So grab one now! :)

100% soft lycra cotton (stretchable and amazingly comfy!)

fits uk4-uk12

measurement:33 inches


ruffalo plaid


mustard yellow

front view

mini flutter sleeve
mini poofy tier bottom
black and white
back view
hot pink

in a season that demands quirky tops,this piece has what it takes.checkered prints,mini frilly sleeves and bottom given you a cute an flirty's a bonus for this fun top/mini dress coz it has checkered prints tropical colors.there's also a sash tie back to give you the curve you need.for down-to-earth chics,this top is the one for has the words 'simple yet classy' written all over,checks,please!hee

100% hard cotton (superb quality)

fits uk4-uk10

measurement:32 inches


jolly bow



very light grey



hot pink

folded sleeve

polka dots + bow =L.O.V.E

electric blue

gotta love the tulip band and pleats!

the tulip band can be folded downwards

we,pumpkins love fresh spring look,although its already autumn and winter season teaming eye popping electric blue with black,hot pink with black and etc are always winners. we just can't get over the funky tulip band at the waist area!furthermore,we just loveee how the semi puffy skirt part matches with the top part.simply cuteness!my my this dress has got style-uber trendy!bow with polka dots print?they sure do blend really well together.pair with a quirky pixel,felt,plastic accessories and you're good to go! :D

100% cotton(stretchable)

fits uk4-uk10

measurement:33 inches