Sunday, October 26, 2008

debbie harry



sleeves when folded

we indulge in our love for t shirts.simple,cute and colorful define this tee.yeap,it's oversized again and the most important thing is,it's definitely fashionably,amazingly,peculiar because this tee has a huge debbie harry of blondie face print isn't it cool to be wearing a tattoo-ed faced on your body? ;D worry that it'll look weird on you?be not afraid as we are giving some tips on how to wear this awesome tee!on your low profile day,pair it with dark/colorful skinnies and tag your fedora along to spice up the whole look.if you're feeling a wee bit stylo or cheerful,wear it with colorful shorts and jazz it up with skinny or big-o belt.oh sneakers,glads or flip flops works on this tee.sweetttttt!

100% cotton (slightly stretchable)

fits uk4-uk12

measurement:30 inches