Sunday, October 26, 2008

preppish wonder



black/electric blue trimmings

black/red trimmings

white/black trimmings

semi puffy sleeve!

faux gold nautical buttons

the badge! :D

the pocket is actually functional.hee

nylon satin lining

we bet you pumpkin-ians must be missing the good old school's days,right? you can relive those blissful moments by wearing one of our preppy 'school' jackets/ yourself with this piece by throwing it with a pair of skirt and ad high stockings.don't forget the timeless sneakers!these combination scream 'funky,chic school girls' from afar!those ten years are still lingering even if you're wrinkling hehe not only that,you can also opt for skinny jeans and a white long sleeveless/tee for a chic and relax look.and also with checkered leggings or skinnies and a killer heels for an edgy's not hard to pull it off right?so why wait huns,grab this must have preppy blazer now! ;)

100% thick and hard cotton with satin lining (slightly stretchable and made from top notch cotton)

fits uk4-uk10

measurement:22 inches