Saturday, July 16, 2011

head-turned cappie




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navy blue

true color

loveee the cape part :D

sunshine yellow


true color

love the one sided design ;)

back view *huge cape at the back too*

It is true that fashion works in a cycle. One minute you are dressing up like futuristic earthling and the next season, you'll be rocking Like-A-Virgin Top. So this season, 70's era has taken the runaway world by storm again! This is a one-shoulder jersey top featuring cape sleeve to one side. Capes are the most common top that 70's babies pulled on. But this top has a twist: one side of sleeveless and the other side with draping cape styled sleeve. Rock the top with a pair of skinny pants or maxi skirt with chunky bangles for a hippie mode. Or you could just pull a casual and sweet look by pairing this up with a pencil skirt. Ladies, this head-turned number could also be your savior piece when you think you don't have anything to wear.

100% soft crepe chiffon (quality guaranteed and slight stretchable)

fits uk4-big uk10

measurement : 26 inches