Sunday, November 29, 2009

olaaaa pumpkian-ians! ;)

we're happy to announce that we have updated!just a mini update and extremely limited quantity tho.usual rules apply,we prioritize those who can manage to make the payment immediate/asap.therefore,when placing you order,pleasee pleasee pleaseee confirm your order by leaving your details,the item(s) you're interested and contact number.if you fail to do so,we will have to move to the next possible sorry love!we hope you understand.kisses. <3

important note : we just wanna make it clear that we have never sent email updates to our customers.we understand that those who have subscribed to our mailing updates via feedburner,will receive emails saying we've updated one or even two days later!we would like to apologize for that coz feedburner is just a system and we can't control it.just a heads up,we normally update pumpkin EVERY sunday at 8pm.(unless stated otherwise) do swing by if you're free okay? :)