Sunday, August 17, 2008

denim rider


skinny jeans just not skinny enough for you? get the look you desire with this desire denim leggings from us,pumpkin! now, before y'all go pointing out that hey, they're just like REALLY skinny jeans, and ain't nothing wrong with that, let us just point out two very important points:the cutting and color.the color is one of a kind and omg we're soooo in love with the cutting.its tighter that a skinny jeans!have you experienced your skinny jeans get lose after few washes before?we hate it when that happens! toots,we've got the solution for the problem,so come and get one! :D plus,it's starting,huns. the "leggings-worn-without-any kind-of crotch-covering" trend is starting. ;)

*the color is actually dark denim blue,almost black.we have no idea why it turned out black :(*

100% SUPERB quality cotton (stretchable)

fits uk4-uk12

measurement:35 inches