Monday, August 18, 2008

mercy garden is back!


remember mercy garden,loves?we brought in not too long ago and they're not restockable.buttttt we received a good news recently and managed to grab the last 5 pieces of these babies!

Unfortunately,4 sold and only 1 available.So hurryyyyyyyy as they're not restockable after this! ;)))


pink rainbow

back view

close up

romantic, flowing, gorgeous dress that will make you want to run barefoot in the garden!the dress comes with ribbon tie,bareback cutting and self tie bow at the waist line.this one definitely screams gorgeous!the ever-so-gorgeous asymmetrical hemline that moves and swirls your body like a graceful dancer!this dress can be worn at every occasion eg,perfect dress for family get-togethers.whether a full-blown reunion or just the yearly backyard BBQ, this "garden" cum vintage inspired maxi dress is fitted and mildly formal without being who would want to show their soon to be in laws a bad impression,eh?oh,this flowy maxi dress can be worn to a wedding ceremony and don't be surprised if you get as many looks as the bride does.this is a true must-have for summer and many seasons to come!go get them,girls!

100% thick cotton (superb quality)

fits uk4-uk12

measurement:39 inches excluding the halter part

rm55 -STEAL!