Sunday, August 17, 2008



pink floss with purple and hot pink stripes (with the sash tied)
without the sash
*can also be worn as an off shoulder*
smackin' turquoise with dark brown and bronzy brown stripes (without the sash)

oh myyyyy,isn't this the prettiest dress everrrr?!or so we think lol.we're pretty certain that most of you,pumpkin-ians already have instantly slimming black staples in your wardrobe,so now is the time to 'invest' in something that isn't basic.we at pumpkin,definitely recommend this glamorama dress would be the best investment this season! ;)to look extremely gorgeous in this, wear it with accessories such as gold sandals and embellished earrings and bracelets complete the look.we swear,you'll be the envy of every girls! :DDD

*each dress will be given a satin sash that can be used as a headband or waistband,your choice :)*
pink floss-purple sash
smackin' turquoise-brown sash

100% soft silk satin (flawless material!)

fits uk6-uk12 (zipper at the side)

35 inches