Sunday, April 12, 2009

wobbly wobble


black/silver layer
close up
black/mustard gold layer
bronze-ish brown/cream layer
close up
full soft satin lining!
back view

trends come and go but we’ve noted that celebs are dedicated to wearing waistcoats.
one might even say that they have a 'vested' interest in this piece of apparel.having a day where you would just like to dash out of the house and play in the sun without having to think what to wear to make you look stunning?then this 'wobbly wobble' is definitely your savior!you can wear it casually with quirky tees and shorts to look cheeky,shirts and pants for your working day,you name it huns!orrrr emulate Kate Moss style by wearing this kinda vest (buttoned-up, with nothing underneath, quite sexy) with super short shorts and a pair of wellies, you can really throw one on with almost anything. awesome possom ya?this waiscoat/vest will certainly make you pop! *wink*

100% hard silk with fully satin lining (FLAWLESS MATERIAL!)

fits uk4-uk12

measurement:23 inches