Monday, August 25, 2008

hey sweets!thanks for still viewing pumpkin,we try our best to feed your fashion needs and as you can see,we've new updates for you! yay!but this time around,it is a small one as we received a lot of requests from our consumers to bring in stuff in small quantity, not in bulk like we always do.since the majority of pumpkin-ians complain that they always become so generous after seeing our collections (aww thanks loves!) so yes, enjoy this mini update!happy shopping girls!

p/s:we'd like to apologize regarding the quality of these posts' photos due to the fact that the shooting wasnt done by our regular photographer (she's busy with school at the moment,wish her luck!and bad lighting since it was raining (couldn't waste anymore time to update and share our new collections with you darls!).some of the items look wayyy better upfront,we kid you not! ;))

to purchase,do email us at leave your name and contact number when placing the order(s) alright?easy peasy ay?happy shopping love! :D

xoxo, pumpkins