Sunday, December 28, 2008

greeceylicious IV


new color: teal blue

new color: chilli red

dark grey

purple barney

we have lost count on how many times we brought this in!lol these maxi dresses caused quite a stir to us when we saw them.although its plain but we think they bring out the bohemian vibe.these bohemian dresses is a hot ticket to enter the world of fabulousity and for those who love the attention. and the great thing about these generously skirted floor-length styles is that they can be worn almost everywhere!movie outing,tea party,you name it!just pair them with your most comfy heels or sandals and you'll good to go!ohh ohh not to forget your braided/grecian/bejeweled headbands for your princess leia moment.hehe these pieces are a must have!wanna know why?the material screams ohh la la! :DD

100% SUPERB jersey material (flawless quality and very cooling)

fits uk4-uk12

measurement:51 inches