Sunday, December 28, 2008




light grey

shocking pink

loving the frilly bottom <33

puffy sleeves

awesome waistline

dokidoki is when your heart is beating fastly or abruptly when you see someone or something you like/adore.thus,we are n 'dokidoki' when our eyes land on this cute and towel-ly's sparkling and screams 'wear-me',if you land your eyes on this hoodie top.not only it's comfortable to wear since its material is towel/velvet but its also looks young and chic because at the bottom part of the top is designed with frilly ruffles.girls and frilly things are inseparable,that's why we label it as 'great chemistry'.this is a piece where you can play safe with.from denim skirt to hot pants to leggings,everything just looks good with this can still keep your girlie attitude,even if you put this on! ;)

100% cotton (towel/velvet ish material-no worries,the material is very comfortable :))

fits uk4-uk10

measurement:25.5 inches