Sunday, December 28, 2008

baby bib




denim blue

true color


close up on the 'bib'

'dumbo ear' sleeves :)

front pleats

back pleats

it's always best to maintain a down to earth and simple appearance or style because you confidently know that you wear something right without looking twice at any given mirror.simplicity does miracles and it can be a savior to your worst days.this top is just perfect for someone who seeks for simplicity.its color is humble enough to pair it with anything.the dumbo's ear sleeves are the hearts of this lovely tops.that's why we think it's best to be named baby.flabby arms can be covered/hidden with the dumbo sleeves.the bib part is ensembled with multiple pleats and cute round can wear it a vest and a pair of skinny jeans if you wish to look adult.or if you plan on keeping the baby style,then opt for a pair of hot pants or skirt and wear your hair with a floral's no suprises to us that you'll be left tongue-tied with the incessant compliments given to you ;D

100% cotton (superb quality)

fits uk4-small uk12

measurement:26 inches