Monday, December 1, 2008

maryjane plaid


close up (true color)

remember MJ from spiderman?the name's inspired by the red head bombshell as these shoes are flaming red as her hair color?these heels are definitely becoming your obsession.the heels are approximately 3.5 inches,so you're not teetering away,but you're up off to the ground.with a classic shape and beautiful triangle heels,these shoes are vintage inspired perfect.plaid is so right for fall and in rich and flaming colors like red and black,you can wear,use everyday :)

100 % high quality canvas (no worries,they're comfortable! :D)

*these babies are one size smaller than your usual ones,so if you wear a vincci size 4,make sure you take size 36(5) instead alright?*

sizes available-36(4),37(5),38(6),39(7),40(8)