Sunday, November 30, 2008

flirty ballerina


off white
(we hope you notice the yummylicious sorry,we totally forgot to take a close pic of the pleats)

sour grape
teal blue (its darker upfront)
tutu lining for the 'poofy' effect! <333>we have always been a fan of ballerinas since forever!who doesn't?hehe to be honest,when we received this top, we were thinking what was so special about it?okay,the awesome pleats of course and that's it?butttt when we flip out the bottom of the top,it has a tutu net lining!so that explains why it's a wee bit poofy and 'special' lol its sooo ballerina inspired right? ;) major cuteness,yeayy!you can wear these babies with anything and anywhere without cracking your head of how to pull them off.just look it all the colors you can get!

*all accessories in the pictures are not included*

*the waist area contains a stretchable waistband*

100% jersey material-stretchable (with tutu net lining)

fits uk4-uk10

measurement:27 inches