Sunday, June 8, 2008

ruffled twirly



transforms into a tube maxi
ruffles (close up)


The effect of a long dress is to make you look taller and more stunning.but,a long dress can also give you the effect to look like a that case,you will have to be extra careful in choosing the right long dress for you.hence,we bring you this adorably gorgeous maxi dress!what interests us about this dress aew,this dress has cute ruffles at the front part of the dress and the dress can be transformed into a tube dress.with the dress also,you can stand out,in a good way,of course amongst all the legs.maxi dresses are the next 'It' dress.after all,the only way to go after the mini dress is down, way down. wear them with exotic flats if you are tall; if you're on the shorter side, these look retro redone with a solid pair of wood- heeled wedges

we're not sure what the material made of but it's really comfortable,soft and stretchable too! :)

fits uk6-uk12

Measurement:43.5 inches (from ruffles part till bottom)