Saturday, July 5, 2008

charm school



black & white

red & black

yellow & black

inside of the skirt:tutu a.k.a can can :D

have you heard of can can skirt?apparently,the can-can was a stage act that originated in Parisin the 1840's, at the more questionable entertainment establishments. it was a dance in whichgirls would swing up their skirts to show their ankles, petticoats and stockings, offering quick glimpses designed to tease the typically male ironic ya?!lol we say,these skirts are fabulously flirty multisized pattern to make a really frivolous skirt.we absolutely in love with em as it's so vintage looking whatmore they came in the form of high waisted!told ya we have a thing for high waisted right?so kick up your heels with 'em! ;D

100% cotton with tutu lining

size s:fits uk4-uk6 (for waist 24-25)
measurement:upper waist:12.5 inches
lower waist:14 inches
top to bottom:22 inches

size m:fits uk8-uk12(for waist 26-29)
measurement:upper waist:14 inches
lower waist:15 inches
top to bottom:23 inches