Monday, September 22, 2008

bold posh



pale pink

it can be zipped

it can be unzipped and clipped

side straps are adjustable

from this design,can be...

transformed into this design :D

close up (true color)

there's a saying that goes: the sky's the limit.this saying definitely applies in fashion'll never know what to expect and keep on guessing what's'll never know that a bag can have decorations of studs and quilted material be combined together!this comes as a happy meal to any fashion-minded diva because the bag is stylish has quilted texture,silver stone studs, hard cotton lining and soft and sweet color.any fashionista would be proud to carry this gorgeous hanbag! :D

100% p.u leather with thick cotton lining (superrrr matetial!)

measurement:21 x 11 inches