Sunday, September 7, 2008

long pleets


back view
grey transformed into a tube dress! :D the flirty pleats! <3333

say goodbye to chanel and chic dresses!say hello to converse and laid back some of you who have watched kate moss and jessica alba's paparazzi shots will definitely ring a bell!spotted them in the all hail-in style mag wearing something like this!this is the perfect long pleated skirts for any occasions; casual,formal and even work wear!we say,these skirts are fabulously flirty multisized pattern to make a really frivolous skirt.we absolutely in love with em as it's so vintage looking whatmore they came in the form of high waisted!told ya we have a thing for high waisted right?ohh tiring of wearing high waisted dearies?no worries,it can be worn low waist coz it's smoked back!yeayy!so kick up your heels/sneakers/boots with 'em! ;D

*lovelies, need not worry if it fits or not as the back of it is smoked*

100% hard cotton (good material)

fits uk4-big uk10

measurement:28 inches