Monday, October 6, 2008

seasonal eye candy



sour plum (hand tote)

transformed into a sling bag

the detailing

inside of the bag

storm grey (hand tote)

transformed into a sling bag

to some girls,bags are the most important thing to splurge it clutches,hobos,totes,you name it..they've got it!lol the bag that we bring in to you may not be the IT bag but it sure gives you a lil impact right? ;) to us,we simply adore its simplicity and of course the colors!it certainly looks soooo eye-catching upfront. we kid you not!very very solid.okay,enough with the explanations.look at the pictures,you be the judge :) the color is definitely rare and the design is unique.arghhh to die for!to die for!

*the material will look awesomely seasoned after certain period of time*

100% p.u leather (super solid material with thick cotton lining)

11 x 14 inches