Monday, December 15, 2008

scarlet extravanganza



bronzy brown


purplish teal

pleated on the bustier

layers of scallop fish cut!oh soo love! ;))

back view
*sash tied into huge bow*

greenish mermaid

snowy white

it's almost reaching the end of 2009. there are of course, proms everywhere and you'll be burning a hole in your pocket just for a prom dress and alas, for a night!! say no more to hole-burning pocket! because, we have a charming piece of prom dress for you.well, you can wear this dress to a prom as it has the elegant and scarlet material.this scallop dress with shiny material can almost make you look like a diva. it's easy to spot you among the gorgeous bunch!
the essence of femininity is captured in these ultra-essential piece that every woman should want to wear.a flaming hot thick sash is attached to the dress. you can make a huge bow out of the sash. you can pair this with your killer heels and a pair of drapey earings. one thing will lead to another, u'll get picked to become a prom queen!awesome! ;)

100% thai silk material (not as thick as thai silk but its superb quality)

fits uk4-uk10

measurement:29 inches