Sunday, December 7, 2008

serenading tutu



ice pink

tied it as a halter and notice the heart-shaped tube?oh-so-love! :D

back view

layers of tutu!yeay!

hot pink
*worn as a tube dress with ribbon tied front*

can be worn as skirt


angel white

they say diamonds are a girl's best are dresses.they are the perfect companion for us,ladies.just like this one we have'll be loving this dress like a dime.what could be more of a perfect dress than having tutu net ensembles around it?this dress has an intricate designs and lavish can be worn halter as it has a pair of tutu net sash.if you think you cannot rock in the dress,you're wrong!you can be a punky tutu princess by matching it with a leather jacket and a pair of studded'll definitely rock harder than a rockstar! ;D

100% hard cotton silk-superb quality (not the shiny type)

fits uk4-small uk10

measurement:28 inches (from tube part to bottom)