Sunday, December 21, 2008

super heart





awesome heart shaped and bow! ;)))

trimming at the heart area and bottom

back view

to all the romantic loves out there, you will HEART this retro-inspired dress. it melts everyone’s heart! this fine piece is a modernized piece of a 60’s dress. an ultimate epitome of a gorgeous retro dress. if you are wondering where those retro bunch got their superb dress, you don’t have to wonder no more coz you can hop into one of the dresses right here at pumpkin. this dress has modern and flowy cuts and fabrics with touches of retro glam.Hard cotton dress with pleating at front (waist) and back. with a cute touch of a little bow below the hear shaped bust and also a sash that can be tied into a bow. it’s simply enduring. no wonder we still have our eyes on timeless pieces.

100% hard cotton (superb material)

fits uk4-uk10

28 inches