Sunday, January 4, 2009

boo boo wow



off white/black dots

HUGEE bow!

the sleeves

side profile-gorgeous bib-ish neckline

belt is F.O.C! <333>

oh wee! it’s ms dottie again! another timeless fashion style. polka dots are always related to betty and classy style. they almost resemble Marilyn Monroe! if polka dots were humans, they’d be as famous as the legendary Marilyn Monroe. this long blouse/top is an epitome of perfection. satin top and polka dots print are two most elegant thing is fashion world. the style never fades away with time. ms dottie teams up with a big bow to produce this magical and enchanting satin top! it gives a definite answer to those who happen to have doubt in shopping. you will never run out of ideas in what or how to pair this up because the top itself look stunning. you can tuck in the top with a pants or shorts and pair it with simple flats.

100% soft satin

fits uk4-uk10

measurement:32 inches