Monday, January 26, 2009

tootoo goolie






the studs!*drools*

tutu loveee! ;D

LOVEEE the net bow! <333

back view *zipper at the back*

Have you seen a different side of tutu? Oh yes, we have! This is the dress that comes with a different twist of tutu. This is not one of those typical tutus where everyone already own one in their closets. This is the type where you’d be stared with envy. It is a tier tutu with inner lining. 3 tier tutus and a bow at upper waist of the dress. What make it more eye-catching is its thousands round silver studs intact at the top part of the dress. Those studs give you a very grungy look while keeping your girlie style at the same time. This dress is best pairing up with a pair of shoes. If you’re not the type who expose too much of the skin, then opt for an 80s jacket and leather leggings with your grungy gears. With dress like this, you’ll never regret wearing this countless times.

*bust padding are included upon purchase*

100% hard satin(underneath) covered with 100% tutu net (AWESOME material!)
*zipper at the side*

fits uk4-big uk10

measurement:27 inches