Sunday, March 8, 2009





TO DIE FOR! <3333



double exposed zippers at both side of the jacket.*drool*

adjustable wrist and notice the cuffed sleeve?

collar part

cuffed bottom

back view

feeling like a rock chick?gear up with this leather jacket to complete the style without having to burn your wallet,crack your piggy bank or rob the bank!this looks sooo similar to topshop,right?it cost a lot but with pumpkin, for wayyy less!you can opt for skinny jeans and a white long sleeveless/tee for a chic and relax look.and also with checkered leggings or skinnies and a killer heels for an edgy's not hard to pull it off right?so why wait huns,grab this must have jacket now! ;)

*we're aware that the jacket is a bit pricey than the price we usually sell but it's so worth your money as it is mixed with real leather. :)*

100% mix leather (it's made of pure leather with a little mixture of p.u)

fits uk4-small uk12

measurement: 26.5 inches

rm100 *free shipping*