Sunday, March 1, 2009

roomy madness


dark camel


tan brown

true color

transformed into a sling bag
*long strap is included upon purchase*

close up

side strap is adjustable

inside of the bag

yes darls,it's big bag again!we can neverrr get enough of oversized handbags can't we? ;) be it in any design or, we bring you another oversized bag but only in unique design.the square-ish unique looking is a plus point!plus,it's soo roomy to throw all your junk in this,even your lappy!with the solid material, roomy interior and at affordable price, go grab one now!trust us,its worth buying :D

100% SUPERB p.u leather

measurement:21.5 x 17 inches (including the handles)


postage for this bag is rm8