Saturday, May 30, 2009

zippy galore



red small polka

close up

black small polka

close up

black big polka

pair it with a studs belt!

close up

navy blue big polka

close up

love loveee the zippers! <333

with lining

stretchable waistline

back waist

back view

if a simple dress or blouse is designed and sewn with zips, it becomes a fashion statement. even a simple white t shirt can look wonders with a simple zip sewn on it. this time around, runways are making our eyes popped out with zipper trend.what more with a combination of polka and edgy! this one piece dress is attached to a tiered polka dots skirt and the top part has zippers sewn to it. what a wonderful and creative way of turning a simple and boring plain dress to a fashion statement wonder! fun,quirky and edgy, you name it! this zipper dress can turn you into almost any style you crave for. you can match it with a leather jacket or pair it with a pair of leggings for a tone-down look. we know you get the drift already, so we’ll ZIP IT!

100% cotton(top part) and 100% chiffon with lining (the bottom part)

fits uk4-uk10

measurement:33 inches